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Standard Bank Blue Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Learn how the Standard Bank Blue Card application works! This is one of the best cards in the market for those looking for basic services for managing their own money!


Standard Bank Blue Credit Card: low monthly rate and connectivity to increase your possibilities

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Learn how to apply for the Standard Bank Blue Credit Card. Source: Foster the Money

Are you wondering how to apply for the Standard Bank Blue Credit Card? Wonder no longer. We’ll show you how you can count on all the basic and indispensable services a card should offer.


Credit Card

Standard Bank Blue

Simple and Fast No hidden fees

Earn cash back on purchases.

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All this over a low monthly rate and interest rate, possibly below the market average. Keep reading and learn how to request your Standard Bank Blue Credit Card.

How to apply on the website

If you want to apply for Standard Bank Blue Credit Card, visit the official website of this product. On the homepage, click on “Do I qualify?” Then you will have access to a small form.

This is a type of prequalification to access which cards offered by this bank you can request. This first form will not perform credit verification. That way, you can use it without worrying.

You must inform basic data for identification and monthly income level. In addition, you must inform an estimate of monthly expenses. After filling in this data, click the “Send” button.

Then you will receive a list of Standard Bank cards you can request. Choose Standard Bank Blue Credit Card and continue the submission process. To confirm the informed data in your record, you must send the following:

  • Copy of South African ID copy (or passport, for not an SA citizen);
  • Bank extract of the last 3 months;
  • Proof of residence for the last 3 months.

How to apply using a mobile app

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Learn how the Standard Bank Blue Credit Card application process works. Source: Adobe Stock

The “Standard Bank / Stanbic Bank” app does not allow you to apply for credit cards. However, it can still apply to Standard Bank Blue Credit Card for your phone. To do so, just access the official website of this bank.

Standard Bank Blue Credit Card vs. Sanlam Money Saver Credit Card: choose which one is best for you

The South African credit card market has evolved a lot in recent decades. Thus, it is possible to find many options with very different resources.

Below, consult a table that summarizes a comparison between two of the most famous letters in the country. Compare and decide which one deserves to be your card:

Standard Bank Blue Credit CardSanlam Money Saver Credit Card
Credit Score618 or larger (Below average or Better);Average or better (634 or more);
Monthly FeeR40;R56;
Initiation FeeR180;R165;
Interest RateFrom 10.25% to 21% (variable);N/A;
Rewards UCount rewards program (optional): earn up to 20% cash back on purchases; 30% cash back on mobile phone expenses; up to R10 per car refueling and other perks.Up to 3% of the value of your purchase in the form of cashback at partner stores in the Wealth Bonus program; R1 cashback for your Wealth Bonus program for every liter of gasoline purchased at Total gas stations.

Does Sanlam Money Saver Credit Card offer the services you expect to find on a card? So know how to request it in the following post:

Sanlam logo

Sanlam Money Saver Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Find out how to apply for a credit card that can get you up to 5% cashback! Understand more here:

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