Buy cheap United Airlines flights: easy step by step

Learn how to take advantage of the opportunities to buy cheap airline tickets to travel to destinations inside and outside the country with United Airlines!


United Airlines: find airline tickets at the lowest prices on any date

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Learn how to buy United Airlines tickets. Source: United

United Airlines is your opportunity to buy cheap flights tickets. There are many airlines and destinations to choose from and fulfill your dream of traveling on a budget.



United Airlines

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Hundreds of national and international destinations. Sspecial prices on flexible travel.

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Next, take all your doubts about how to buy airline tickets on the official website of this company:

Want to buy cheap United Airlines flights? Follow the step by step!

buy cheap United Airlines flights
Get to know a step-by-step guide to buying cheap airline tickets. Source: Flickr

Discover now a step-by-step guide on how to buy your United Airlines cheap airline tickets:

Provide your flight details

Go to the company’s official website. You will find a small questionnaire to search for a flight on the homepage.

Inform the departure location and final destination, desired departure date, number of travelers, and flight category. You can choose between “economy”, “premium economy,” and “business or first”.

Check the “Round trip” option if your trip is round trip. In case you want a one-way ticket, check the “One-way” option.

If you have accumulated miles that can be used with this company and want to use them, please select “Book with miles”.

To access the prices of all trips to the chosen destination on all days of a given month, check the “flexible dates” option.

“Explore destinations”

For example, if you haven’t decided on a vacation destination, use the “Explore Destinations” feature. With this option, you can set a ticket budget and indicate only one departure airport.

The system will search for the best options that fit your budget. To use this tool, simply scroll through the courses on the United Airlines homepage.

This feature is just below the traditional flight search form.

Select your flight

Afterward, you will have access to the flights according to the information in your search. On this screen, you must select your flight and choose your category.

If you want to save, choose the “economy” category. In this one, you have restrictions such as only being able to take one piece of luggage and not being able to choose your seat on the plane.

So if these features are relevant to you, consider choosing a category that includes them.

Inform your data

Next, you must provide your personal data for your identification. This includes name, date of birth, gender, and information about promotional programs to use miles or discounts.

Remember to verify your details before pressing the “continue” button.

Choose your seat

At this stage, you can include United Club and Lounge access in the cost of your trip. These are exclusive spaces for you to rest while waiting for boarding time.

You must then choose your seat if the selected category allows this function. You can also take out insurance that can be used in case you miss your flight, any connection, or your luggage.

Select the form of payment

Finally, you must choose the payment method. If you wish, you can split your trip. In addition, you must provide complete information about your address and contacts.

Other options for your next trip: cheap Allegiant Air flights

United Airlines is a good way to buy cheap flights. However, if your trip is to a location within the country’s territory, we recommend you also check with Allegiant Air.

This company offers cheap nonstop flights for domestic travel. To learn how to buy cheap Allegiant Air flights, read our post below!

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Buy cheap Allegiant Air flights: easy step by step

Check out a complete step-by-step guide to learn how to buy airline tickets from a company that is revered for low prices on non-stop domestic travel.

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