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Buy or renovate your home throught a loan with special conditions

Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program, guarantee quality housing to poor rural families


Historically, poor families have always faced major problems in accessing credit services. Thus, dreams such as renovating, buying or building your own house have become unattainable. However, through the Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program, the federal government has been gradually changing this reality. With the help of this program, poor Ruari families now have the federal government as a “guarantor” for their loans. Thus, they get a loan with great conditions and interest rates.

Here are four reasons why the Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program has forever changed the lives of rural families in need.

This program allows loans for the purchase of real estate, renovations, construction and much more;
It is available to residents of rural areas in all states of the country;
Simple criteria to meet;
There is no maximum number of families that can be served.

This program cannot be used for the acquisition, renovation or construction of real estate in any part of the country. Only properties in rural areas may be eligible for this program. However, even if the property you want to buy, build or renovate is in an area defined as rural, you still need to certify that this area is covered by the Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program. To have this information, you must access the official website of the US Department of Agriculture.

Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program

Apply for the Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program: find out how

Apply to Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program and build your own home paying low interest on a government-guaranteed loan.

The government thought of a way to guarantee the quality of life for those who risked their own lives for the nation's interests. For this, they offer a pension to veteran soldiers and their families.

To find out how this aid works, learn about the VA Survivors Pension in the following post.

VA Survivors Pension

Apply for the VA Survivors Pension: find out how

Apply to VA Survivors Pension, which guarantees military veterans more quality of life and financial aid. Keep reading and learn more.

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