First Digital Mastercard®: check out how to apply!

Apply for the First Digital Mastercard® and get help building your credit. Read this article and learn how!


First Digital Mastercard®: rebuild/build your credit with an initial limit of $300

apply First Digital Mastercard®
See how to apply for the card. Source: Foster the Money.

Apply for the First Digital Mastercard® is a simple task. Everything can be done online in a few seconds. If approved, you will have a card with the minimum characteristics for building credit.


Credit card

First Digital Mastercard®

Building credit low score

Build your credit with a $300 starting limit even with a bad credit score.

You will be redirected to another website

Below is a brief step-by-step guide on how to apply for the First Digital Mastercard®!

How to apply on the website

apply First Digital Mastercard®
Learn how to apply for the First Digital Mastercard®. Source: First Digital Mastercard®.

Indeed, go to the official First Digital website. There, click the blue “apply now” button. Next, you will have access to a small form to fill out.

Basically, you need to provide your name and email address. Then click on “continue”. In the sequence, you will have to inform other personal data and income information.

To speed up the process, keep this documentation handy, close to you.

How to apply using a mobile app

As a basic service, the First Digital Mastercard® does not offer a mobile application. Thus, the management of your card and application is done entirely through the company’s website.

In addition, this can be accessed from a cell phone without any difficulty.

First Digital Mastercard® vs. Applied Bank® Unsecured Classic Visa®: choose which one is best for you

Indeed, the market is full of options for good cards for building/rebuilding credit. These offer the basic services for anyone interested in improving their credit score.

For this comparison, we separate two options with this profile in common. Which one is the best option? See the table below with the most important information about each card and decide:

First Digital Mastercard®Applied Bank® Unsecured Classic Visa®
Credit Score Poor – Fair. Bad – Excellent.
Annual Fee$75.00 for the first year. After that, $48.00 annually.$75 for the first year. Then $45 in subsequent years.
Regular APR35.99%.29,99%.
Welcome bonusNone.None.
Rewards 1% cash back.None.

Does the Applied Bank® Unsecured Classic Visa® card look like a good option? Click on the link below to learn how to apply for this card:

AppliedBank logo

Applied Bank® Unsecured Classic Visa® card: check out how to apply!

Build your credit with monthly reports for the 3 largest credit agencies in the country and have a limit of up to R$ 300 at your disposal! Learn how to get the Applied Bank® Unsecured Classic Visa® card.

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