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100% approval: apply for the MG Silver Prepaid Debit Card

Step by step on how to apply for one of the best prepaid debit cards for your company or for individual use!


by José Gonçalo

Published on 04/28/2023

MG Silver Prepaid Debit Card: shop anywhere in the world and receive exclusive discounts and benefits

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100% approval: apply for the MG Silver Prepaid Debit Card. Source: Foster the Money

Apply to MG Silver Prepaid Debit Card and get a product to manage your money with incredible advantages. Accumulate up to R100,000 and shop anywhere in the world.


Debit Card

MG Silver Prepaid

Fast Simple

Ensure discounts at restaurants and more! Instant approval!

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Plus, access exclusive rewards and discounts at MG Plus partner stores. Below, find out how to request your card!

How to apply on the website

Indeed, you can apply for MG Silver Prepaid Debit Card without leaving your home.

To do so, access the official website of this credit card. Then scroll to the bottom of the page to find the “Contact Us” section.

In this space, you must fill in your contact information. Also, in the “enter your message” field, describe which service you are looking for.

Mainly, let us know if you want a card for individual use or a payment solution for your business.

Finally, hit the “submit” button. In a timely manner, the MG team will contact you to understand your demand and offer you the service you want.

How to apply using a mobile app

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MG Silver Prepaid Debit Card: shop anywhere in the world and receive exclusive discounts and benefits. Source: Adobe Stock

Indeed, you cannot apply for MG Silver Prepaid Debit Card by mobile application.

However, you can access the official website of this website through your smartphone’s browser and follow the process described above. In addition, you can contact the MG group on 0861 647 687.

MG Silver Prepaid Debit Card vs. Iemas Purchase Debit Card: choose which one is best for you

Indeed, MG Silver and Iemas Purchase are excellent debit card options. These are differentiated by the fees charged and the reward programs they offer.

Therefore, you must observe these characteristics before choosing which one deserves to be your card. So below, see a comparison table between these two cards!

MG Silver Prepaid Debit CardIemas Purchase Debit Card
Monthly IncomeAny income;Any income;
Monthly FeeR0 (for individual customers);R10;
Initiation FeeNot specified;R35;
Interest RateNone;Does not charge interest;
RewardsMG Plus: discounts on flights and hotels, stores and partner establishments, mobile top-ups, bill payments, online purchases, and rewards.Up to 3.5% cashback in over 12,000 Iemas partner stores.

In fact, I know that the 3.5% cashback got your attention! So learn more about the Iemas Purchase Debit Card, in the post review below!

Iemas logo

Iemas Purchase Debit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply to Iemas Purchase Debit Card and understand how simple it is to have up to 3.5% cashback in more than 12,000 stores.

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