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Unique Platinum
Apply for the Unique Platinum: All online, all simple! Source: Unique Platinum

Have you heard that there’s an extra $1,000 in credit for you? The winds that carried this information brought you to this article. Now, find out how to apply for Unique Platinum.


Credit Card

Unique Platinum

Quick Simple

Up to $1,000 credit account – earn $25 bonus monthly rewards dollars!

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Discover the quickest way to get yours and even compare Unique Platinum with another valuable market option. So learn every detail on how to apply here and now.

How to apply on the website

To apply for the Unique Platinum online, you should visit the Unique Card Services website and click on the “Apply Now” button. It will be easily visible. So enter your email to proceed.

So, through the application process, you will be directed to a page where you must fill out a form with your personal, income, and employment information.

You will also need to provide information about your credit history, if applicable. This doesn’t mean that Unique Platinum will check your score. They will only record your information.

Furthermore, after completing the form, you should attach a copy of a photo ID and a copy of an income verification document.

Upon submitting your application, you will receive a response within a few days. If accepted, you will receive your Unique Platinum details shortly and can start making purchases.

How to apply using a mobile app

Unique Platinum
Apply using the mobile app. Source: Unique Platinum

The only way to apply for the Unique Platinum is through the online application. So this means that there is no option to request the Unique Platinum through the mobile app.

However, the Unique Card Services mobile app can be utilized for inquiries, such as checking account balances, current invoices, and purchase histories. It will be a plus!

Compare cards: Unique Platinum vs. Group One Platinum Card

Even for low credit scores, there are always good options. So here’s one that provides access to the Horizon Outlet.

Its annual fee is lower than that of the Unique Platinum, and it’s worth your attention!

Unique PlatinumGroup One Platinum Card
Credit ScoreNo restrictions;Credit checks aren’t a part of the approval process;
Annual Fee$239.40;$177.24;
Purchase APR0%;0%;
Cash Advance APRN/A;N/A;
Welcome Bonus$25 monthly reward dollars;N/A;

Indeed, the Unique Platinum and Group One Platinum Cards are two options for individuals with a limited or poor credit history.

Furthermore, they assist in securing online purchasing power.

Group One Platinum logo

Group One Platinum Card: check out how to apply!

Apply for the Group One Platinum Card to access exclusive benefits such as an initial $750 limit, even for those with bad credit.

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