QuickLoanLink review: up to $50,000 in one day

A tool that allows you to find lenders willing to offer a loan of up to $50,000 in seconds regardless of your credit score. Learn how QuickLoanLink works!


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Read our full review of QuickLoanLink. Source: QuickLoanLink

High Amount Loans for People with Any Credit Score. Indeed, that’s what QuickLoanLink promises. Understand more about this service and how you can use it to get the loan you need.

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QuickLoanLink: find out how to apply!

Learn how to use QuickLoanLink, the tool that can shorten your path to dozens of lenders ready to offer loans of up to $50,000 for you to compare, choose and improve your credit.

Loan PurposePaying late bills, unexpected expenses, simply improving your lifestyle or any other reason
Loan AmountsFrom $500 to $50,000
Credit NeededAny credit score
Origination FeeVariable
Late FeeVariable
Early Payoff PenaltyVariable

Is the QuickLoanLink a good option?

To avoid confusion, first of all, it is necessary to clarify that this is not a creditor. In fact, this is a tool to bring creditors closer to people seeking loans.

From an application without prejudice to your credit score, you can get to know several companies willing to offer loans to you.

The big difference from other similar tools on the market is the variety of loan models.

Thus, this is one of the few companies that connect customers to lenders that offer peer-to-peer (person-to-person) loans.

This type of loan guarantees much lower rates and much more flexible terms, waiving the fees and conditions required by the great whites.

In addition, you can count on personal loans in installments and personal bank loans. Any of the three options help you build your credit.

In addition, the money will be made available to your account within one business day.

The pros and cons of the QuickLoanLink

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Learn about the benefits of using QuickLoanLink. Source: QuickLoanLink

This company is a shortcut between you and dozens of loan opportunities. However, before using this tool, it is also necessary to know its “weak points”.

For the advantages and disadvantages of using it, consult the following lists:


  • You can find good loan opportunities even with a bad credit score;
  • Possibility of getting a large loan: up to $50,000;
  • Possibility to apply for a loan for any purpose and receive your money within one business day;
  • Paying on time increases helps build your credit so you can apply for a loan on better terms in the future.


  • There is no unit of fees or conditions, you will need to review and compare many of these;
  • Even being approved in the application in this tool, this does not guarantee that your loan will be accepted by the selected lenders;
  • Residents of Arkansas, New York, Vermont and West Virginia cannot use this service;
  • There are income requirements, but the website does not provide details on what minimum threshold is accepted.

What credit score do you need to apply?

Thus, this tool does not establish a minimum credit score limit. So people with any credit level can apply.

QuickLoanLink application process

With this tool, you can get good loans without leaving home. See the article below and learn how to apply for a loan online at any time of the day:

QuickLoanLink logo

QuickLoanLink: find out how to apply!

Learn how to use QuickLoanLink, the tool that can shorten your path to dozens of lenders ready to offer loans of up to $50,000 for you to compare, choose and improve your credit.

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