Simplify payments and offer your employees hundreds of travel benefits

MG Black prepaid debit card, the prepaid card with luxury benefits


The MG Black Prepaid Debit Card is more than a solution to speed up payments and facilitate financial management for companies. This card can yield more: benefits at hotels, events, travel, and access to lounges around the world with 24-hour concierge service. Each black card can securely store up to R2,000,000 and authorize daily wire transfers and withdrawals.


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In four points, understand why the MG Black Prepaid Debit Card is one of the best card solutions for companies:

24-hour concierge service and exclusive travel perks;
Discounts and special offers at partner stores through the MG Plus program;
Card accepted anywhere in the world;
Safely and conveniently store up to R2,000,000.

You will remain in the same website

The MG Group has partnerships with a large number of national banks. In this way, customers of that card can send money to the prepaid card of many of them. Currently, the list of banks from which you can send money to this Black card are: Standart Bank, ABSA, FNB, Mercantile Bank, Nedbank, and Capitec Bank. Transactions can also be made via electronic bank transfers.

No. For security reasons, like most cards, your prepaid black card will arrive at your door inactivated. So, to be able to use it, you must activate it through a simple process that can be done completely online. Go to the official website of this card and look for the activation button. Enter the 16 numbers that are printed on the front of your card and press the “activate” button. Ready, in a few minutes, your card can already be used normally.

This is one of the main questions for anyone looking for a prepaid debit card service. However, unlike most cards of this type, you don’t need to open a bank account to use it. You can send money from the bank accounts you currently use. If you prefer, you can use other resources to make electronic money transfers to your card.

MG Black Prepaid Debit Card

Apply for the MG Black Prepaid Debit Card!

Without leaving your home, learn how to rely on one of the most revolutionary solutions for issuing and registering payments in your company. Read on to learn how to apply for the MG Black Prepaid Debit Card!

In fact, the Bidvest Bank Debit Card can be an extremely advantageous solution for companies of any size. This company offers more than a solution to streamline payments and record expenses.

You can still see your money safely earned at a higher rate than savings. To learn more, visit the post below:

Bidvest Bank Debit Card

Bidvest Bank Debit Card: check out how to apply!

It's easy to control how your company's budget is spent while still seeing your earnings outweigh your savings! No minimum income required! Read on!

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