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The federal aid that saved and can save the lives of many needy families and adults across the country

Stimulus Check, over $1,400 support just when Americans need it most


During the pandemic, many families who were already living in a situation of social vulnerability saw their economic situation worsen. Distancing measures and combating the spread of the virus caused several jobs and businesses to disappear overnight. However, the federal government has turned its attention to this population and, in the last three years, has been granting cash grants via “Check Stimulus” to needy families in all states of the country. They are grants that can reach $5,600.00 for families with four members, for example, and have certainly made a difference in many tables across the country.


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Here are four points that made this measure an important form of intervention against the worsening social conditions of the poorest during the pandemic:

Financial aid for families and single adults;
Higher values for families with more children;
No application process requirements: just meet the criteria to receive;
Continued help in the three most critical years of the pandemic so far.

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In fact, there is no certainty about the future of this exclusive benefit in the coming years. After all, the IRS or the politicians responsible have not yet taken a clear position on the next conduct and economic and social recovery plan after the worst crises of the pandemic. However, experts and journalists point out that the third benefit payment to needy American families issued last year was the last shipment of the “Pandemic Stimulus Check”.

According to Forbes Magazine’s official news portal, there are still at least 19 US states that are issuing stimulus check payments. They refer to the remittance of payments from last year and began to be paid in the last months of 2022. It seems that all payments must be made by the end of January 2023. Among the states that are still making payments, we can indicate: Alaska, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana and others.

The issuance of payments as a matter of concern generates revenue in the American people due to the worsening of inflation, as many believe that this type of benefit is financed through simple money printing. However, as highlighted by the official news portal of TV channel Denver 7, the money for issuing these checks is obtained by the government through loans from public and private companies. In addition, according to experts, at the current time, aid like this does not pose a real risk of rising inflation.

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Apply for the Stimulus Check: find out how

Read on and learn how to apply to Stimulus Check and the criteria to receive it. This federal financial support provides up to $1,400.

Haven’t you received your stimulus check yet? No worries! Read our following article and learn what to do in this case!

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Stimulus Check 2023: What to do if you still didn't get it

What to do if you didn't get your Stimulus Check? Most likely, you are eligible for this help. Find out how to apply before it's too late!

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