Stimulus Check: $1,400 in government assistance for each adult

Learn about the Stimulus Check. A benefit created by the federal government to help families and citizens in financial difficulty during the pandemic.


Federal government aid to help needy families to endure the pandemic period

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Indeed, many Americans, especially the poorest, have struggled to meet their basic needs during the pandemic. Therefore, the federal government created the Stimulus Check.

A tax return stimulus check with some American hundred dollar bi

Apply for the Stimulus Check: find out how

Read on and learn how to apply to Stimulus Check and the criteria to receive it. This federal financial support provides up to $1,400.

This is financial aid paid to American families that you may still be able to benefit from. Read the article below to learn more about it!

How does the Stimulus Check work?

During the pandemic, many families are facing domestic economic crises. The rules of distancing and social isolation have caused several companies to close their doors temporarily or permanently.

As a result, several heads of households have lost their jobs and the ability to provide for their families basic livelihood. This situation was much more critical among poor families.

After all, they have little or no economic reserve to face such long crises. To help these families, in 2020, the federal government approved a project that provided for an Economic Impact Payment.

The so-called “Stimulus Checks” are payments made in a single installment for adults or families. The more children in the same family, the higher the amount paid.

This same measure was approved in the following years, in 2021 and 2022. Thus, in recent years, the government has made three Stimulus Check payments to the needy population.

Benefits offered by the Stimulus Check

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Benefits offered by the Stimulus Check. Source: Adobe Stock

The Stimulus Check, along with other federal or private aid, has helped save the lives of many families. However, there are characteristics of this benefit that you need to know to understand it better.

Learn more about the Economic Impact Payment below!

The three payments showed different values

When President Biden passed this bill, Economic Impact Payment offered payments of up to $1,200 for each eligible adult in 2020. Each child in the same family generated a $500 increase in aid.

The following year, 2021, payments for eligible adults and children were $600. However, the criticism and pressure caused this project to return in 2022.

This time, the amount issued was up to $1,400 per adult and dependent.

You can claim missed or incomplete payments

Some families did not have access to one or more of the payments. In other cases, beneficiaries received payments in parts. Indeed, families who have gone through this situation can still request outstanding payments.

How can you track the status of your Stimulus Check?

In fact, it was previously possible to track Stimulus Check payments through the “Get My Payment” application. However, the IRS has already informed that this app no longer allows this function.

However, by logging into your account on the official IRS website, you can find out which payments have been issued. Likewise, you can find out if you have outstanding payments to receive.

Want to apply for the Stimulus Check?

Indeed, the federal government likely still has a Stimulus Check ready to hand out to you. To find out how to apply, visit the following post!

A tax return stimulus check with some American hundred dollar bi

Apply for the Stimulus Check: find out how

Read on and learn how to apply to Stimulus Check and the criteria to receive it. This federal financial support provides up to $1,400.

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