BMO CashBack® World Elite® Mastercard® card: check out how to apply!

Here is a step-by-step and minimum conditions to apply for your BMO CashBack® World Elite® Mastercard®, one of the best credit cards with a cashback program in Canada.


BMO CashBack® World Elite® Mastercard® card: Excellent benefits for those who like to travel

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Check out how the application process works. Source: BMO.

Apply for the BMO CashBack® World Elite® Mastercard®: The credit card every Canadian should know. Here on the site, we have already done a complete review on the advantages and disadvantages of this product.

Now, we will present a step-by-step guide for those who will go through the application process. Check it out below:


Credit Card

BMO CashBack® World Elite® Mastercard®

Welcome bonus Rewards

Amazing 10% cashback and many other perks.

You will be redirected to another website

How to apply on the website

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Learn how to apply for the BMO CashBack® World Elite® Mastercard®. Source: Adobe Stock.

To apply for the BMO CashBack® World Elite® Mastercard® card, access the official website and click “Apply Now”. You will be automatically directed to a new window on the internet with some initial requirements. There are actually three:

  • Meet minimum annual income criteria (US$80,000 individual or US$150,000 family);
  • Not have declared bankruptcy in the last 7 years;
  • Be of legal age.

It will only make sense to continue the application if you fulfill all these conditions. Then you will have to answer two questions. If you indicate that you are a resident of Canada, you can follow the application normally by entering your details.

If you declare that you do not live in Canada, all is not lost. Through the website, you can book an appointment with the BMO agenda at a store near you.

Thus, it will be possible to discuss the conditions and apply for the BMO CashBack® World Elite® Mastercard® card.

How to apply using a mobile app

BMO banks have a mobile application: “BMO Mobile Banking”. However, this feature does not include account opening or card application function. However, it will be great for tracking information about your card once you start using it.

Manage rewards, pay balance, pay bills, get fast service, check credit score. All these actions can be done by the application in a simple and comfortable way.

BMO CashBack® World Elite® Mastercard® card vs. BMO CashBack® Mastercard® card: choose which one is best for you

Here, side by side, are two credit solutions from one of Canada’s most traditional banks. BMO CashBack® World Elite® Mastercard® card and BMO CashBack® Mastercard® card.

In the table below we have gathered relevant information about each one of them in order to compare them. Read carefully and find out which advantage best suits your profile:

BMO CashBack® World Elite® Mastercard®BMO CashBack® Mastercard®
Credit ScoreFrom good/very good to excellent (over 760)From fair to excellent (over 660)
Annual Fee$120$0
Regular APR20.99%19.99%
Welcome bonus10% cashback on the first three and annual fee waiver for the first year5% cashback for the first three months and 1.99% balance transfer fees for the first 9 months
RewardsCashback of 3% on gas; 4% on transport by app, taxi or public transport; 2% on recurring accounts and 1% on other purchases (unlimited program)3% cash back on grocery purchases, 1% on accounts, 0.5% on other purchases
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BMO CashBack® Mastercard® card: check out how to apply!

5% cashback on everyday purchases and incredible discounts on car rentals and events: learn how to have the BMO CashBack® Mastercard® card in your wallet.

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