Earnest Student Loan: find out how to apply!

Read on to learn how to apply for a Earnest Student Loan and get no extra fees or surprise fees and the longest grace period on the market!


by José Gonçalo

Published on 12/05/2022

Earnest Student Loan: quick and easy application!

Apply to Earnest Student Loan
Learn how to apply for Earnest Student Loan! Source: Pixabay

Apply to Earnest Student Loan and get access to a loan to finance all your college expenses!


Student loan


Student loan grace period

Student loans at fixed and variable rates, discounts for automatic payments, competitive match offers.

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To learn how to access this loan, see the review below:

Online application

To apply for this service, visit the official Earnest Student Loan website. Right on the home page, fill out the small form “Let’s get started”.

In it, you must inform if you are a student or guarantor, your degree of study, and the state where you live. The questions for the next phase will change based on your responses on that first form.

However, whether you are a guarantor or a student, you must provide your address, contact details, and credit score. Then decide whether you want to apply independently or rely on a guarantor.

In both cases, you can opt for variable or fixed rates. In the following steps, you must enter bank dates and identification documents. Also, your credit history will be checked.

What are the requirements?

University library (best banks for students)
Learn how to apply for Earnest Student Loan! Source: Pixabay

For students who apply, there are three basic prerequisites:

  • Have considered using the savings your family saved for your studies;
  • Have applied for scholarships and job opportunities;
  • Fill out the FAFSA® form to increase your chances of getting federal student grants.

If you are a cosigner, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident;
  • Neither you nor the student can live in New York;
  • Have a minimum annual income of $35,000;
  • Have a credit score above 650 points.

Apply on the app

Indeed, you can apply for Earnest Student Loan by cell phone. To do this, just go to the official website of this company on your smartphone. This company does not yet offer any application services to manage loans.

Compare the Earnest Student Loan to other options: Sallie Mae Student Loan

Student, how about seeing a purchase among the largest student credit services in the country?

In the table below, we present a comparison of the main requirements of this service. So, get to know them, buy them, and choose the best one for you:

Earnest Student LoanSallie Mae Student Loan
APR It varies depending on the loan type and amount;Undergraduate:

3.37% to 13.72% variable APR;

3.75% to 13.72% fixed APR;

Career training:

3.37% to 14.08% variable APR;

3.75% to 14.08% fixed APR;
Loan PurposeFinancing of studies for undergrad, grad school, MBA, medical school, and law school students; student parent loan and student loan consolidation;Scholarships for Undergraduates, MBA, Dental Residency, Vocational Training, Medical School, Graduate Health Professions, Bar, Medical Residency, Law School, Graduate and Dental School;
Loan AmountsFrom $1,000 to all of your tuition fees (this includes tuition and fees, housing, utilities, transportation, books and supplies, dependent care, and meals);From $1,000 to 100% of the school-certified cost of attendance (including room and board, fees, books, supplies, transportation, and computer for school);
Credit NeededAt least 650 points;Not specified;
Origination FeeNone;None;
Late FeeNone;Unspecified value;
Early Payoff PenaltyNone.None;

To learn more about the Sallie Mae Student Loan offer, check out our application post below!

Sallie Mae Student Loan logo

Sallie Mae Student Loan: find out how to apply!

Loans for students with coverage of up to 100% of your study expenses and the possibility to increase your chances of being accepted with a guarantor.

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