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Earn miles on all your purchases and travel for free on your next vacation!

Truist Enjoy Travel Card, turn all your purchases into miles and never worry about annual fees or foreign transfer fees again!


The Truist Enjoy Travel Card is the type of card made for those who want to fulfill their dream of traveling around the country or the world for free. This card has an amazing rewards program that turns all your purchases into miles. That way, you won’t have to pay for dinners at restaurants or shopping at stores just to earn miles. You will be free to spend your money however you want and you will always be rewarded for it. Your miles can be used to pay for air travel, vacation packages, gift cards, hotel stays, car rentals and more.

Check out the main perks of applying for the Truist Enjoy Travel Card!

Rewards program that turns all your spending into miles;
Freedom to use your miles however you want;
No anaul fees or foreign transfer fees to worry about;
Visa credit card, accepted worldwide.

Indeed, Truist Bank offers a rewards program that can be accessed by some of the cards issued by this bank. Miles are typically accrued whenever you pay for qualifying purchases. Miles are like money. Thus, like any type of currency, it can be converted into dollars. Currently, each mile earned in the Truist rewards program is equivalent to 1 US cent ($0.01). That means the welcome bonus miles (20,000) is equivalent to a $200 discount on airline tickets, for example.

Yup. Miles accrued through the rewards program offered by Truist Bank may expire. In fact, each mile has a maximum period of 5 years to be used. If this date is exceeded, your mileage will lose its value. However, you shouldn’t worry about losing your miles. Indeed, the system identifies each mile by the issue date. Whenever you use these rewards, the oldest miles will be spent first. Thus, it is unlikely that you will not lose your rewards without using them.

Truist bank has a strict system to control the credit limit of cards. To define its limit, the bank considers criteria that are unclear to the public. Therefore, a credit increase request may not be accepted and only the bank can decide the best time to increase your limit. In addition, the bank may increase or decrease your card’s credit limit at any time without prior notice. Also, you can have different limits for purchases and cash advances, for example.

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Truist Enjoy Travel Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Find out how to apply for the Truist Enjoy Travel Credit Card, a credit card that rewards purchases you already make on a daily basis with miles!

If you are looking for good frequent flyer programs, you need to know the Alaska Airlines Visa® Credit Card. This card is great for anyone who is really into traveling by egret.

Then, see how to apply for this card below and have more than 1,000 national and international destinations to travel to for free!

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Alaska Airlines Visa® Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Learn how to apply for a credit card that gives you access to one of the best frequent flyer programs in the world and redeem points for international travel with the Alaska Airlines Visa® Credit Card!

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