Sesame Cash debit card full review: should you get it?

All the benefits of a credit card, rewards program and credit building in one card with no fees. Learn more about Sesame Cash debit card!


Sesame Cash debit card: build your credit with all the benefits of a prepaid debit card

Sesame Cash debit card
Learn all about the Sesame Cash debit card. Source: Sesame

You don’t need to apply for a secured credit card to build credit! In fact, with the Sesame Cash debit card, you can do this without making any high security deposits and avoiding the high APR of credit cards.

Credit sesame logo

Sesame Cash debit card: check out how to apply!

Apply to the debit card that offers its customers the credit building service without you having to pay the annual fee or any other fee for it. Know more:

Learn more about this card below:

Credit ScoreAny credit score
Annual Fee$0
Regular APR0% (fixed)
Welcome bonusNone
Rewards*5.6% cashback on Home Depot purchases; 10% at Sam’s Club, and 1.4% at Foot Locker

*Terms apply

Sesame Cash debit card: learn more about this financial product

Indeed, this card is the solution for those who need to build credit but cannot afford the fees and deposits of secured cards.

Thus, with this Sesame card, your payments will be reported to the main credit agency. To do this, this card will create a line of credit every time you make a deposit.

So, each payment would be as if you were paying your credit card balance on time. This card also offers cashback of up to 10% at select stores.

To speed up your payments and organize your financial life, you can receive your payments 2 days in advance. Broken or lost your cell phone? You don’t need to withdraw your emergency fund!

This card offers $500 of free insurance if your device is damaged or stolen. Additionally, this card offers cash rewards for credit-building goals.

Sesame Cash debit card features

Learn more about the card’s pros and cons. Source: Sesame

In fact, you already know the incredible benefits of building credit with a debit card.

Now, to decide if this product is really good for you, learn about the main advantages and disadvantages of being a customer of this card:

What are the benefits? 

  • Build credit without having to make high secured deposits or worrying about high APR rates;
  • Earn up to 10% cash back on purchases in exclusive stores;
  • One of the few cards on the market that offers rewards of up to $100 to customers who meet credit-building goals;
  • Always free of interest, annuity, monthly, and foreign transfer fees.

And what are the drawbacks?

  • The rewards program offered by this card is very limited;
  • To make a withdrawal, you need to call the call center for that card;
  • $2.50 charge each time you use an ATM outside the coverage network or out of the country.
  • You must pay a $100 deposit every thirty days to participate in the Cash Rewards Program.

What credit score do you need to get the Sesame Cash debit card?

According to the “Terms and Conditions” document of this card, a minimum score of 300 points is required according to the VantageScore® calculation.

Therefore, only applicants without credit are ineligible for this product.

How does the Sesame Cash debit card application process work?

Apply from home and start building your credit wherever you are. Check out our post below to learn how the application process works!

Credit sesame logo

Sesame Cash debit card: check out how to apply!

Apply to the debit card that offers its customers the credit building service without you having to pay the annual fee or any other fee for it. Know more:

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