Red Arrow Loans review: up to $5,000 today

Red Arrow Loans is a tool that can get you closer to the loan you need at the most important times, even if your credit score is bad. Learn more about this tool!


Red Arrow Loans: fast loans like an arrow!

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Read our full review of Red Arrow Loans. Source: Red Arrow Loans

Indeed, there are times when you need money today, and you can’t wait. When this kind of emergency happens, count on Red Arrow Loans.

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Red Arrow Loans: find out how to apply!

Learn how to apply for Red Arrow Loans, the tool to filter loan opportunities from lenders that serve customers with your profile!

Compare multiple lenders to find the best loan and get your money the same day you apply. Read this full review to learn more:

APRIt depends on your credit score, debt, and other factors
Loan PurposeCar accident-related expenses, emergency medical expenses, or any other unexpected bills
Loan AmountsFrom $100 to $5,000
Credit NeededThere is no set minimum credit score
Origination FeeVariable
Late FeeVariable
Early Payoff PenaltyVariable

Is the Red Arrow Loans a good option?

First, it is important that you understand that Red Arrow is not a creditor. In fact, this company makes it easy for you to find companies that can offer loans.

Armed with the information you provided in your application, Red Arrow filters the agencies that may match your profile. So this is just a mediator between you and the credit bureaus.

The great advantage is that, without harming your credit, you can find several agencies willing to do business with you. All this for free.

This agency focuses on quick loans to meet personal financial emergencies. Thus, after being approved, you will receive the loan amount on the same day as the application or in just one business day.

This company fulfills orders between $100 and $5,000. Payment must also be made within a short period of time. Generally, you should schedule it for the date you receive your next paycheck.

Finally, Red Arrow values ​​the security of your data and takes all security measures in the virtual environment.

The pros and cons of the Red Arrow Loans

Red dart on target
Loans as fast as an arrow. Source: Pixabay

Indeed, opportunities like this can save your budget in times of difficulty. However, like any type of loan, it also has advantages and disadvantages.

To know the main weaknesses and strengths, read the lists below:


  • Fast deposit: in some cases, you can receive the loan amount on the same day you apply or within one business day;
  • People with bad credit can find lenders;
  • You can find good lenders willing to offer loans and compare each one without hurting your credit.


  • The APR for this loan category is often extremely high;
  • Low value available. Most emergencies require more than $5,000;
  • Short Payment Term;
  • There is no consensus on conditions among the lenders, and you will still have to evaluate them one by one, which can be confusing for most people.

What credit score do you need to apply?

This company does not set a minimum acceptable credit score. So, you can get loan opportunities even with bad credit.

Red Arrow Loans application process

Learn how to get the money you need quickly, regardless of your credit history. Below, learn how to apply for a loan through Red Arrow and about the basic eligibility criteria!

Red Arrow Loans logo

Red Arrow Loans: find out how to apply!

Learn how to apply for Red Arrow Loans, the tool to filter loan opportunities from lenders that serve customers with your profile!

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