Sesame Cash debit card: check out how to apply!

Learn how to apply for a debit card that has helped over 17 million people build credit without charging fees or interest. Apply for the Sesame Cash Debit Card!


by José Gonçalo

Published on 09/30/2022

Sesame Cash debit card: build credit and earn rewards!

Sesame bank
Learn how to apply for the Sesame Cash debit card. Source: Sesame

Apply for the Sesame Cash debit card and get credit, 0% APR and cashback on the same card! Below is how to apply for this card!


Debit card

Sesame Cash

Build credit Cash back

Rewards of up to $100 for credit score goals.

You will be redirected to another website

How to apply on the website

To apply for Sesame Cash, go to the product’s official website and select the “get started” button. You will then access the registration form.

After creating a password and logging in, you must enter personal data such as your SSN and address. Also, you must provide information about your income and employment.

All your uploaded data and documents will be verified in the last step. If necessary, additional information will be requested.

This entire process takes just 90 seconds. There is no credit check, so there will be no damage to your credit score.

How to apply using a mobile app

apply Sesame Cash debit card
Learn how to apply for the Sesame Cash debit card. Source: Sesame

Sesame customers can manage their cards from their cell phones. To do this, simply download the “Credit Sesame” application for free from your cell phone’s app store.

Access it using the login and password you used to apply for the card. This app allows you to check your balance, rewards, and credit score and make payments.

However, this app does not accept applications. Thus, to apply for this card by cell phone, you can access the official website of this card through the device’s browser.

To do this, follow the same steps described in the topic above.

Sesame Cash debit card vs. Extra debit card: choose which one is best for you

Indeed, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a credit or debit card. To find the best option for you, you need to analyze and consider a good number of options.

To start this job, see the table below. We made a comparison between great debit cards. Check it out below:

Sesame Cash debit cardExtra debit card
Credit ScoreAt least bad (300 or greater)No credit check
Annual Fee$0$84 or $108
Regular APR0% (fixed)0% (fixed)
Welcome bonusNoneNone
Rewards*5.6% cashback on Home Depot purchases; 10% at Sam’s Club, and 1.4% at Foot Locker

*Terms apply
1% cash back on purchases (only for customers who contract the “Rewards + Credit Building” plan)

*Terms apply

If you want to learn more about the Extra Debit Card and how to apply for it, read our post below!

Extra logo

Extra Debit Card: check out how to apply!

See how to apply for Extra debit card, a financial product that is a pioneer in building credit. Keep reading to learn more!

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