Chase Freedom Flex℠ credit card full review: should you get it?

A card that has a real fan club and a huge list of advantages. Discover the Chase Freedom Flex℠ credit card, its rewards programs (5% cashback) and benefits.


by José Gonçalo

Published on 06/27/2022

Chase Freedom Flex℠ credit card: one of the best cashback programs on recent cards

Chase Freedom Flex℠ credit card
Learn all about the Chase Freedom Flex℠ credit card. Source: Chase

In fact, in September 2020, Chase decided to end applications for the amazing and legendary Chase Freedom credit card. The idea was to improve the offer and launch an updated product on the market. The result was the Chase Freedom Flex℠ credit card: a card with so many benefits it’s hard to list them all here.

Take a look at this review and see what we’re talking about.

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Chase Freedom Flex℠ card: check out how to apply!

Apply for a card with an incredible 5% cashback, 0% APR for more than a year and $0 annual fee: discover the Chase Freedom Flex℠ card.

Credit ScoreGood/excellent (690-850)
Annual Fee$0
Regular APRIn the first 15 months, 0% APR. After, from 15.74% to 24.49% (variable)
Welcome bonus$200 reward after $500 spent in the first three months; 5% cashback if you spend $6,000 on gas station purchases in the first year
Rewards5% cashback on quarterly determined categories (up to $1,500); 3% on meals in restaurants and delivery and collection services; 3% on pharmacy purchases and 1% on other purchases

Chase Freedom Flex℠ credit card: learn more about this financial product

In fact, the Chase Freedom Flex℠ credit card has an excellent welcome bonus and cashback program as an attraction. In addition, in the categories chosen quarterly, you will receive 5% cashback. This year (2022), from January to March, the chosen category was shopping in supermarkets and on eBay.

From April to June, the selected category was and Streaming Services shopping. Additionally, the Chase Freedom Flex℠ card is one of the few cards that combines select categories with a traditional cashback service. In this way, it also offers interesting rewards on purchases in the other unselected categories.

In addition, your accumulated points never expire and can be used in different ways, check out:

  • Direct withdrawals to your account;
  • Credit for the next balance;
  • Shopping on;
  • Gift cards;
  • Payment for travel in the Chase Ultimate Rewards® program.

Also, you can use whatever amount you want at any time. While offering such comprehensive features, the Chase Freedom Flex℠ card does not charge an annual fee. This card also offers a free weekly check of your credit score. Plus, you can count on insights on how to improve your credit.

When it comes to protection, the Chase Freedom Flex℠ card is incredible. Its security program goes far beyond fraud exemption and offers protection for travel and shopping. Below, learn about the main features:

  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance: Get up to $6,000 if your trip is canceled/interrupted due to bad weather or illness;
  • Purchase Protection: Up to $500 of damage/theft coverage per purchase up to 120 days after purchase;
  • Extended Warranty Protection: An additional year of warranty in addition to the warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Chase Freedom Flex℠ credit card features

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Learn more about the card’s pros and cons! Source: Adobe Stock.

You just learned about the main advantages of the Chase Freedom Flex℠ card. Indeed, some features had to be left out of this analysis. However, now it’s time to know the disadvantages of having this card in your wallet. Below is the list of pros and cons:

What are the benefits? 

  • Excellent cashback plan: 5% non-expirable rewards in rotating categories;
  • Great welcome bonus and 0% APR introductory period;
  • Exclusive shopping and travel benefits;
  • Zero annual fee.

And the drawbacks?

  • You are only entitled to 5% on your ticket purchase if you use Chase Ultimate Rewards®;
  • High fees for ATM withdrawals: $10 or 5% (whichever is greater) per withdrawal;
  • Requires good/excellent credit;
  • 3% fee on foreign transfers.

What credit score do you need to get the Chase Freedom Flex℠ credit card?

Cards like Chase Freedom Flex℠ credit require customers to be very credible. For this reason, it only makes sense to apply if you have a good or excellent credit score. So make sure you have 690 to 850 points.

How does the Chase Freedom Flex℠ credit card application process work?

I’m sure you’re interested in submitting to this card. For an exclusive walkthrough of how this process works, click on the link below.

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Chase Freedom Flex℠ card: check out how to apply!

Apply for a card with an incredible 5% cashback, 0% APR for more than a year and $0 annual fee: discover the Chase Freedom Flex℠ card.

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