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Credit cards for no credit: choose the one that best fits your needs

Are you looking to build or rebuild your score? Discover the best credit card options available without a traditional credit check and choose your favorite!


Discover credit cards for no credit and find the perfect offer for you

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Are there good cards for those who don’t have credit? Source: Adobe Stock.

The days when your parents or guardians would solve most money-related problems are over. Now, you need to figure out how to get a credit card. So the question arises: are there credit cards without credit?

The “no credit” are people who, for whatever reason, have never accessed any credit service before. That way, credit bureaus don’t know how you relate to this resource. Therefore, they limit the options you can choose from.

Some say people who don’t have credit can’t get good cards at first. However, just search carefully and carefully to find good options. In this article, we’ve done that boring and tiring job for you.

Our team has scoured the internet and now presents an exclusive list of the best cards for those who don’t have credit. Now it’s easy: just look, compare and choose what’s best for you.

What are credit scores? An uncomplicated guide

Did you know that your credit score impacts many parts of your financial life? Learn about the different ranges and how you can start improving your credit score!

No credit? No problem. Learn 6 best credit card options!

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Let’s start? Scroll down and learn about the best options for your profile!

Discover it® Student Cash Back

Are you a college student and just dropped into the world of finance? Don’t despair, there’s a card made for you: Discover it® Student Cash Back. In addition to not needing points, you still have access to an amazing 5% cashback program.

Also, you can redeem this amount any way you want. Thus, those who opt for this card do not pay fees on transactions abroad. Also, you will be free of APR fees for purchases within the first 6 months.

To know the main advantages of this product, take a look at the following table:

Credit ScoreNo credit score required to apply
Annual Fee$0
Regular APR0% in the first six months after opening the account. Afterwards, the APR can vary between 13.24% to 22.24% (variable).
Welcome bonusNone
Rewards5% cash back on varied purchases every quarter. After reaching the limit, you will earn 1% cashback

Discover it® Secured Credit Card

The Discovery It also has a credit product aimed at non-students. This is the Discover it® Secure Credit Card. Compared to the previous model, it has a different cashback program.

With this card, you will receive 2% cash back at gas stations and restaurants with a quarterly limit of $1,000. Also, for all other purchases, you will receive 1% unlimited cash back.

Just like the previous version, it’s great for building credit. Also, if you do not recognize any purchases made on your card, you will not be penalized. Below, learn about other similarities and differences between the products:

Credit ScoreNo credit score required to apply
Annual Fee$0
Regular APR10.99% in the first 6 months after the first transfer. Then, the amount will be 23.24% (variable).
Welcome bonusNone
Rewards2% cash back for purchases at gas stations and restaurants with a limit of $1,000, 1% unlimited for all other purchases

Platinum Secured from Capital One

In fact, a credit solution for those looking for security and an interesting line of credit. Indeed, these elements are essential for anyone who wants to build credit faster. With low value deposits, you can get a credit of up to $1,000.

With Platinum Secured from Capital One, you can count on 24/7 monitoring. So, if there is any suspicious transaction with your data, you will be notified immediately.

Furthermore, you are exempt from liability if you do not acknowledge a purchase/transaction. In addition, as it does not include fees for foreign transactions, it is a great option for those who enjoy traveling.

Further details about this card are in the table below:

Credit ScoreNo credit score required to apply
Annual Fee$0
Regular APR26.99% (variable).
Welcome bonusNone

Petal® 2 “Cash Back, No Fees” Visa® Credit Card

Financial owe, hand of asian woman sitting on floor home, holding many credit card, stressed  by calculate expense from invoice or bill, no money to pay, mortgage or loan. Debt, bankruptcy or bankrupt
Not having credit is no excuse: discover excellent credit card options for those who want to build their own credit. Source: Adobe Stock.

Petal is a credit agency with two main products: Petal 1 and Petal 2. With a minimalist design, these cards differ greatly in advantages and benefits. In this topic, we will present the advantages of Petal 2.

In fact, this credit card can offer great benefits beyond helping you build credit from scratch. It has a very interesting cashback program, which evolves when you pay your balance on time.

The absence of overseas transfer fees and a credit limit of up to $10,000 are other very attractive benefits. Discover other advantages of Petal 2 in the table below:

Credit ScoreNo credit score required to apply
Annual Fee$0
Regular APRFrom 13.24% to 27.24% (variable).
Welcome bonusNone
RewardsInitial 1% cashback expandable to 1.5% after current balance payments, 5% to 10% at select merchants

Petal® 1 “Cash Back, No Fees” Visa® Credit Card

Petal 1 is an intro card. This way, it is generally much easier to get it when compared to Petal 2. In turn, Petal 1 offers a credit limit and money back program. This product has a modest cashback compared to its more advanced version.

Here, the reward is between 2% and 10% only at selected establishments. Also, your card limit can go up to $5,000, and there is no transaction fee abroad. Discover other advantages in the table below:

Credit ScoreNo credit score required to apply
Annual Fee$0
Regular APRFrom 20.24% to 29.74% (variable).
Welcome bonusNone
Rewards2% to 10% at select merchants

First Progress Platinum Elite MasterCard® Secured Credit Card

Last on our list, it is still a good option for those who want to build more credit. First Progress Platinum Elite reports to the 3 largest credit bureaus in the country. So, you can build your credit much faster.

In addition, it is possible to access a credit line of up to $2,000, not bad! Finally, here is a summary of the most relevant information:

Credit ScoreNo credit score required to apply
Annual Fee$29
Regular APR22.99% (V) for Purchases; 27.99% (V) for Cash Advances
Welcome bonusNone

When choosing a credit card to call your own, the more information, the better. That’s why we recommend another card list: Credit cards for any credit history. Click here and check out the best options on the market for this profile.

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