6 strategies to make money online in South Africa

The internet has virtually endless opportunities for you to earn money from your cell phone or computer. Read on and learn more about it!


Unlock income opportunities in South Africa!

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6 strategies to make money online in South Africa. Source: Adobe Stock

In fact, dozens of how to make money online in South Africa have appeared in recent years. Not only in our country, of course but in the world.

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All this was only possible because of the internet. If you’re reading this blog, you already have everything you need to get started. So keep reading this post!

Make money online in South Africa: 6 strategies for success

It’s time to abandon the games and the hours scrolling through the timeline of your social network.

Stop wasting your time on this today and learn how to use your internet to make money in South Africa. Next, we’ll show you 6 ways to do this.

Work as a freelancer

Every year, the internet is becoming increasingly consolidated as a great way to sell and advertise products worldwide.

The more companies appear the more job openings appear too! Indeed, most likely, you can fill one or some of these vacancies by working as a freelancer.

On the internet, freelancers are people hired to perform short or medium-term tasks. The work can be done from your home and delivered via online submission.

This strategy is great for anyone with writing skills, graphic design, web development, programming, or any other area.

You can create a profile on sites like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr. Then review the contractors’ proposals and choose the one you know you can execute well.

Answer online market surveys

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Measuring a population’s satisfaction or interest in a product or service is as important as advertising.

Therefore, many companies are willing to pay you to give an opinion about their products.

That way, you can earn money just for answering surveys promoted by opinion sites. Indeed, the amount received for each completed form is usually low.

However, it is an extremely simple and quick way to get some money with little effort. Plus, you don’t need any additional training or skills.

Create a profile on Toluna, SurveySavvy, or GlobalTestMarket and start answering the surveys you find there.

Offer tutorials and online courses

Do you master any specific skills well? Can you cook, master science, know how to negotiate, analyze data, design, finance, chess, or any other subject?

There are certainly hundreds of people who want to develop the same skill that you have. So why not create a course to sell your knowledge?

The same idea goes for those who have experience in some areas. You can offer tutorials if you are a lawyer, dentist, doctor, programmer, or any other professional.

Thus, you can receive money to pass on the part of your professional experience to other people. To do this, simply create courses on platforms such as Udemy or Teachable.

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Manage social media

Indeed, you will likely spend a few hours of your time scrolling through your social media timeline. How about turning this pastime into a lucrative activity?

Hundreds of managers have already realized the importance of having an active profile of their companies on the Internet.

However, it lacks the time or skill to keep an interesting profile active.

You can offer to resolve this issue. From home, you can manage several stores or professional profiles simultaneously.

Indeed, this is a regular job, which can earn good monthly payments. To start today, create your profile on sites like Hootsuite or Buffer.

Write texts for blogs or websites

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Write texts for blogs or websites. Source: Adobe Stock

I’m going to tell you a little secret about myself. Despite having many texts published on blogs in the US and South Africa, I have never been to these countries.

In Brazil, I work on the other side of the world, selling texts for websites. By the way, for those who are fluent in other languages, there is an infinite market.

To stand out in this market, you need to develop good writing. Also, it is extremely helpful to master SEO techniques.

You, a young South African, probably have spoken and written English since childhood. Thus, it has much more chance of doing well in the writing market.

At first, earnings may be low. However, they can increase as you learn to attract better clients.

Turn your car into a “taxi”

Anyone who owns a good car can offer paid rides. To do this, simply sign up for ridesharing apps. These work like taxi services.

Someone announces on the app that they want to visit a certain place. The registered drivers closest to the passenger are invited to accept the ride.

Then just accept and go to the passenger to take him to the final destination. The price of each trip is calculated based on distance, current fuel price, and estimated travel time.

You can choose which times and days of the week you want to work. Before validating your driver profile, your car will be inspected. Not all cars or drivers are accepted.

To work as a “taxi driver of the future,” download the InDriver, Uber, or Taxify apps on your cell phone and start your registration.

Bottom line

Now, you already know how to make money online in South Africa. Next, you must know how to make the money you earn “work for you.”

The best way to do this is by investing. In the post below, you can learn about the best investments for those who live in South Africa.

We’ve curated a list of the safest and most profitable options. So check it out!

Investment Analysis

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