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Nedbank American Express Gold Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Step-by-step tutorial that allows you to access one of the best gold credit cards available in the country! Earn points on every purchase!


Amex Gold Credit Card: up R4 million travel insurance

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Nedbank American Express Gold Credit Card: check out how to apply! Source: Foster the Money

Apply to Nedbank American Express Gold Credit Card and participate in one of the best rewards programs in the country!


Credit Card

Nedbank American Express Gold

Reward Program Travel Insurance

Up to 50% off at select services. Earn point on every purchase!

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In addition to transforming debts into cash points, access discounts, and better travel experiences. Then find out how to apply for this card below.

How to apply on the website

Firstly, go to the official page of this product. Next, to apply for the Nedbank American Express Gold Credit Card, press the “apply now” button.

You must fill out a short initial form. They’ll ask for your valid SA ID number, phone number, and email. Then you must provide other identification data.

Your data will be processed, and you will receive a menu with Nedbank cards to order. Choose from those available to proceed with the application process.

To formalize your request, you must present the following documents:

  • Your South African ID or valid passport and work permit;
  • Paychecks for the last 3 months or stamped bank statements for the last 3 months.

How to apply using a mobile app

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Learn how to apply using a mobile app. Source: Freepik

In fact, you can apply for the Nedbank American Express Gold Credit Card through your mobile phone. To do so, you must download the “Nedbank Money” application.

Select the “Apply for a loan or credit” option from the main menu. Then select the “Credit Cards” option.

Finally, complete the pre-qualification questionnaires to determine which cards are available.

Nedbank American Express Gold Card vs. Standard Bank Gold Card: choose which one is best for you

Finding the best gold credit card is a complicated mission. Therefore, we always make comparisons between similar cards.

In the table below, learn about the characteristics of two cards available in the country that experts highly praise.

Nedbank American Express Gold CardStandard Bank Gold Card
Monthly IncomeR17,000;Minimum R5,000;
Monthly FeeR124;R63;
Initiation FeeR180;R180;
Interest RateApply for personalized rates;Apply for personalized rates;
Rewards50% off all your Nu Metro movie tickets; Earn 1 Membership Rewards point for every R5 spent on eligible transactions. Monthly Avo Voucher every when spending R3,500 in monthly expenses; earn 5,000 Membership Rewards points if you spend more than R10,000 in the first three months of using the card and more.Up to 30% discount on select brands, including Emirates,,, and more!

The Standard Bank Gold Card, “made in South Africa,” with extremely interesting advantages.

Also, this card has eligibility criteria that make it much more affordable. To find out how to request it, see the following post!

Standard Bank logo

Standard Bank Gold Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply to the Standard Bank Gold Credit Card and benefit from automatic travel insurance and 55 days interest rate free payment!

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