Foster Child Grant: R1,070 per month!

Needy families with adopted children can count on permanent financial help to raise their children until the age of majority. To learn more, see the review below!


Find out who is eligible to receive this help!

Foster Child Grant
Foster Child Grant full review. Source: Foster the Money

Foster Child Grant is a federal grant for needy families with foster children. Through this assistance, non-biological parents can offer much more to their children.

Foster Child Grant

Apply for the Foster Child Grant: find out how

Apply for Foster Child Grant and increase your monthly income by R1,070. Find out how to tell your children about this government help!

Learn more about this federated help below! Find out if you can count on the welfare program! Let’s get started!

How does the Foster Child Grant work?

This program was created by the federal government and is valid throughout the country. It aims to assist needy families with adopted children under 18.

This aid can be granted to South African citizens, permanent residents, or legal refugees. However, only families living in South Africa can participate in this project.

In addition, the children must have been adopted legally or in court. This program primarily involves orphaned, abandoned, endangered, abused, or neglected children.

Federal aid is provided through pensions paid monthly. Currently, since October 2022, the amount of this pension has increased to R1,070.

Indeed, the values of this aid are six months. Generally, the readjustment takes place in the months of April and October of each year.

Benefits offered by the Foster Child Grant

Benefits offered by the Foster Child Grant. Source: Freepik

In fact, it is an aid that covers families with adopted children in different situations.

Below, learn more about this project and how it has helped thousands of families nationwide.

Families with temporary or permanent adopted children can count on this aid

In some cases, the courts may order that custody of a child pass from parents to a guardian.

Typically, this “adoption” is temporary and can last up to two years until the judge issues a final decision.

Families that receive adopted children under these conditions can also count on this pension. Financial aid will last as long as the child is in that family’s care.

Pension for longer

Typically, this subsidy exists to help maintain the child’s basic needs until age 18.

However, if, after that age, the adopted children are still attending secondary/high school, there may be an extension of the aid period.

In these cases, federal aid may continue until the child turns 21.

Want to apply for the Foster Child Grant?

The Foster Child Grant is extremely easy and fast to request this help. Below, see a complete review of the application process so that there is no doubt!

Foster Child Grant

Apply for the Foster Child Grant: find out how

Apply for Foster Child Grant and increase your monthly income by R1,070. Find out how to tell your children about this government help!

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