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The federal government offers a large number of programs that financially help people in financial difficulties. Keep reading to learn more!

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R480 montly per child
Receive cash, vouchers or food
R2,000 monthly for the elderly
R1,990 per month for disabled
R1,980 monthy for disabled children
R24,000 annually to veterans

In recent decades, the federal government of South Africa has created several social grants to help the population.

With the help, families, children, and elderly people can improve their quality of life. See the post below and learn how to count on federal aid!

What are social grants and how do they work?

The conditions of poverty that have always existed in South Africa intensified during Apartheid. Many families still face difficulties in providing for their basic needs.

Thus, to improve the lives of needy populations, the government decided to act. To this end, it created a series of programs to assist citizens.

They are financial or food aid donated directly to families or people registered in federal programs. Naturalized citizens with permanent residence or a refugee can apply.

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You can choose to receive a scholarship via bank transfer. Or receive food aid through food basket donations, for example.

The time you can count on this help is usually limited (months or years). In some cases, you may be able to get ongoing help indefinitely.

Types of social grants in South Africa

Types of social grants in South Africa. Source: Freepik

Don't know which social grants you are applying for? No problem! Take a look at the list of top federal programs. You will find someone to turn to.

Care Dependency Grant

The Care Dependency Grant provides monthly financial assistance for families caring for children with disabilities who require full-time care.

Families in this program receive a monthly payment of up to R1,980 to help them meet their basic needs.

Child Support Grant

This social grant aims to help poor children access their basic conditions for healthy development.

Thus, the Child Support Grant provides financial aid for needy families with children. This pension is R480 per child.

Disability grant

Temporary or permanent financial assistance for those unable to work for health reasons (physical or mental).

Disability Grant ensures payments that can reach R1,990 per month.

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War Veteran's Grant

This welfare program aims to help those who have done so much for us. It is destined for war veterans who have served mainly in the Second World War and the Korean War.

Those individuals can count on the monthly financial assistance of R2,000. They can earn R24,000 yearly!

Old Age Pension

The elderly can also count on social grants in South Africa. One example is the Old Age Pension.

It provides up to R2,000 monthly to help seniors struggling to support themselves.

Social relief of distress grant

It helps people in extreme need or who have suffered serious catastrophes (the collapse of their homes, for example).

This help can be offered as food baskets or cash for 3 or 6 months.

Who is eligible for social grants and what do they receive?

Originally, social grants were designed to help families or people with financial difficulties.

Thus, your income will always be one of the criteria considered in an application.

Each program sets a minimum income that its applicants must meet. In addition, the income threshold calculated varies for single individuals and couples.

In addition to income, you must meet other program-specific criteria. We cannot describe them individually as they are many and quite varied.

However, in this blog, you can find exact and up-to-date descriptions of each social grant.

How can you apply for a social grant if you are eligible?

Learn how you can apply for a social grant if you are eligible! Source: Freepik

Currently, there is only one way to apply for social grants. In person, you must go to a South African Social Security Agency (SASSA).

Bring all necessary documents and request an application form for the program you wish to attend. Indeed, this application form can only be completed in the presence of a SASSA employee.

After completing your request, you will receive a receipt. Keep it with you. As soon as SASSA responds to your request, you will be informed.

The application process for any of the social benefits is completely free.

You can request support

If you cannot attend a SASSA unit, you can elect someone responsible for completing your application (a friend or family member).

To do this, your representative must provide you with a medical certificate stating that you cannot attend in person.

In addition, SASSA agents will ask their representative to present your written authorization.

You can also elect a representative to receive payments/basic baskets for your benefit. The federal government still does not offer the means to apply virtually.

Bottom line

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