War Veteran’s Grant: R24,000 per year for our brave warriors

The federal government created financial aid for war veterans who need to improve their income. Keep reading and learn more about this benefit!


The support South African soldiers need!

War Veteran's Grant
Learn how the War Veteran’s Grant works. Source: Foster the Money

War Veteran’s Grant is the government’s way of saying “thank you” to those who have done so much for the country.

War Veteran's Grant

Apply for the War Veteran's Grant: find out how

Apply to War Veteran's Grant and automatically increase your annual income by at least R24,000! Understand how to apply for this federal aid!

War soldiers in difficult financial situations can receive financial help through this donation. For more details on this help, see the following review!

How does the War Veteran’s Grant work?

The world lived through critical moments in the last century. Major armed conflicts took place on virtually every continent.

In some of these episodes, the South African government identified the need to send soldiers to join forces and defeat threats.

This occurred mainly in the Second World War (1939-1945) and the Korean War (1950-1953). Some of our fighters who served in these conflicts never returned home.

Others are alive and are part of memory, the world, and the country’s history. Despite the great test of bravery, some veteran soldiers are struggling financially today.

To thank them for their services, the government began granting lifetime pensions to them: the War Veteran’s Grant.

Benefits offered by the War Veteran’s Grant

Cropped of black veteran in wheelchair rolling by home
Benefits offered by the War Veteran’s Grant. Source: Adobe Stock

Incidentally, the War Veteran’s Grant emerged to give dignity to those who did so much for the country in critical moments.

By itself, this gesture already has great value. However, there are other features and benefits that you need to know about this federal aid. Check it out below!

Annual readjustments

We know that inflation causes money to lose more and more of its value. Thus, the only way to guarantee the effectiveness of financial aid is to grant readjustments.

Thus, the value of the War Veteran’s Grant is updated annually. Below, see how much those registered in this program received in recent years each month!

  • 2018: R1,720;
  • 2020: R1,880;
  • 2021: R1,910;
  • 2023: R2,000.

Different ways to get your money

You can pocket your pension payments in a variety of ways. Electronic bank transfer, cash via SASSA office or through welfare institutions.

To avoid bank transaction fees, we recommend you receive the money in hand or look for banks that do not charge a transfer fee.

Want to apply for the War Veteran’s Grant?

If you are a war veteran, you can probably count on this government’s help! To find out the eligibility criteria and how to apply, visit the following post.

War Veteran's Grant

Apply for the War Veteran's Grant: find out how

Apply to War Veteran's Grant and automatically increase your annual income by at least R24,000! Understand how to apply for this federal aid!

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