5 credit cards for low credit scores in South Africa

It's totally possible to have a great credit card even with a bad credit score and we can prove it! Check out our list below and learn more!


Apply for a credit card that fits your needs

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5 credit cards for low credit scores in South Africa. Source: Adobe Stock

Indeed, you don’t need a high credit score to have a good credit card. There are great options for credit cards for low credit scores in South Africa.


Social grants: choose the right benefit for you

The federal government offers a large number of programs that financially help people in financial difficulties. Keep reading to learn more!

So below is a list of the best to help you make the best decision! Then keep reading and ensure a healthy financial life!

Get a card even with low credit scores: 5 best options

People with bad credit can also have reward program cards and other perks. So below are lists of the best cards available for customers with credit scores below 618 points:

Absa Flexi Core Credit Card

Indeed, this is one of the most affordable Absa Bank cards. In addition to a great credit limit of up to R90,000, customers can count on great rewards.

Also, you can have 57 days free of interest charges. Learn more about this card in the table below:

Monthly IncomeAt least R2,000;
Monthly FeeR44 (Monthly account fee + Monthly credit facility fee);
Initiation FeeAt most, R175;
Interest Rate57 days interest-free on eligible transactions. After this period, not disclosed;
RewardsEarn cash back on payments with this card.

Do you want to learn more about this card? Then read the article below!

Absa Bank logo

Absa Flexi Core Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Learn how to apply for the Absa Flexi Core Credit Card, the credit card made for building credit that exempts you from interest rates for almost two months and offers many other advantages:

Capitec Global One Credit Card

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Find a credit card that suits your needs! Source: Adobe Stock

In fact, the Capitec Global One Credit Card is one of the best cards for those looking for a high credit limit. Customers of this card can have up to an R500,000 limit!

In addition, they have a cashback of up to 1.5%, not only for purchases but also for cash deposits. Also, every positive balance you leave in your account will yield 3.5% annually.

In addition, you can count on 55 days free of interest charges and R5 million travel insurance.

On top of all that, this card can still help you build your credit. So learn more about this in the table below:

Monthly IncomeMinimum R5,000 for salaried and R10,000 for self-employed;
Monthly FeeR45;
Initiation FeeR100;
Interest RateFrom 10.75% to 21.25%;
Rewards1% cashback on all money spent online or in physical stores; after reaching the monthly bank balances, the yield rate becomes 1.5%.

To learn more about this credit product, access a full review in the post below.

Capitec logo

Capitec Global One Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply to Capitec Global One Credit Card and get 55 days of interest rate collection free and up to 1.5% cashback. Know how!

Absa Gold Credit Card

Like the best gold credit cards, the Absa Gold Credit Card manages to combine reward and travel perks.

Among the advantages for travelers, it is impossible not to mention the discounts on entry to the Bidvest airport lounges.

In addition, to enjoy your trip better, you have insurance of R1,5 million that can be easily used in emergencies.

In the table below, learn more about the fees and advantages of this card.

Monthly IncomeMinimum R4,000;
Monthly FeeR55;
Initiation FeeAt most, R175;
Interest Rate57 days of interest-free on qualifying transactions. Up to 21% interest rate after;
RewardsEarn cash back on all purchases and payments with the card.

See the full and updated review in the following post to learn more about the Absa Gold Credit Card.

Absa logo

Absa Gold Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply for Absa Gold Credit Card and enjoy a reward program and travel benefits. Up to 30% cashback. Keep reading to learn more.

African Bank Gold Credit Card

Indeed, this is a gold card for anyone looking for the basic services of a credit card. Thus, with this one, you have up to 60 days free of interest rate charges.

Also, your positive balance will yield at a rate of 3% per annum. Furthermore, this card is enabled for secure online purchases and offers a great app.

Thus, controlling your money and developing good financial habits is easy. So find out more about this card in the table below!

Monthly IncomeNot disclosed;
Monthly FeeR69;
Initiation FeeN/A;
Interest Rate60 days interest-free. 15% to 27.50% after;
RewardsEarn 3% interest back per year on a positive balance.

Are you interested in this option? Then check out additional information about this card in the review below!

African Bank logo

African Bank Gold Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply for the African Bank Gold Credit Card! Access a card that offers basic credit services and 60 days with no interest rate!

RCS Store Card

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Apply for a credit card that fits your needs. Source: Adobe Stock

Indeed, RCS Store Card is a card that has been gaining notoriety in recent years. Furthermore, this credit product was born as a simple card for a chain of stores.

However, the associated stores and brands network has grown and now has more than 30,000 members.

Additionally, you can buy with your RCS Store Card and get access, offers, and cashback.

In effect, this is a card with simple eligibility criteria. So virtually everyone can apply for it. To learn more about this, see the table below.

Monthly IncomeAt least R1,000 per month;
Monthly FeeUp to R120
Initiation FeeUp to R150
Interest RateUp to 55 days interest-free. After this, you’ll be charged an interest rate;
RewardsCashback program, points, and exclusive discounts on selected purchases at stores that are part of the RCS Shopping Network.

If you would like to learn more about the RCS Store Card and its rewards program, see the post below. So check it out!

RCS Store Card

RCS Store Card: check out how to apply!

Apply to the RCS Store Card and start building your credit today with discounts and cashback programs at over 30,000 stores!

Bottom line

Now that you know about the credit cards for low credit scores available in South Africa, how about getting to know a lender that offers loans to this customer?

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Do you want to learn more? Then visit this lender’s full review online and learn how to get the money you need in minutes!

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FinChoice Personal Loan review: loan up to R40,000 in minutes!

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