Capitec Credit Card: check out how to apply!

The Capitec Credit Card allows you to build your own credit history, earn rewards and it has many other perks. Read on to learn how to apply for this card!


Capitec Credit Card: Build your credit with a rewards program!

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Learn how to apply for the Capitec Credit Card. Source: Capitec Bank

Apply for the Capitec Credit Card and have access to a card with a cashback rate of up to 1.5% and a return of 3.5% per year on a positive balance.


Credit card


Cashback Low fees

Up to 1.5% cashback. 55 days interest rate waiver.

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Below, learn about the basic criteria for applying for this card and how to apply:

  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Monthly salary of R5000 (R10000 for self-employed workers).

Do you meet these two basic criteria? Then learn how to apply the following topics:

How to apply on the website

Before applying for the Capitec Credit Card, you can verify that your application will be accepted without harming your credit.

Click on “See how much you could get”. Then you must fill in a short form about personal details and income and entrust the information.

In a few seconds, you will know if you will be approved for that card and your limit and interest rate. If you get a satisfactory answer, you can apply for this card.

However, you must have an active Capitec Bank account to apply for this card. If you don’t have it, the only way to open it is by mobile:

How to apply using a mobile app

man using facial recognition in process of applying to Capitec Credit Card
Learn how to apply for the Capitec Credit Card. Source: Capitec Bank

Download the “Capitec Bank” app for free and click on “open a count”. You must provide income, address, and identification data during this process.

Afterward, your identity will be confirmed with a photograph taken on your cell phone. To expedite this process, have your original ID document close by.

In addition, the last paycheck and 3-month bank statement (if you already have an account with another bank) can be requested. Once this account is open, you can apply for your card.

Capitec Credit Card vs. Absa Flexi Core Credit Card: choose which one is best for you

In an increasingly competitive landscape, buying the options on the market is important to ensure you’re making the best credit card choice.

To help you in this work, we decided to make a quick comparison between two very popular cards among credit card users and reviewers.

So, see a summary of our comparison in the table below, compare them and decide which one is best for your profile:

Capitec Credit CardAbsa Flexi Core Credit Card
Credit Score Good or better (680 or higher);N/A;
Monthly FeeR45;R44 (Monthly account fee + Monthly credit facility fee);
Initiation FeeR100;N/A;
Interest RateFrom 9.75% to 20.25% (variable);57 days interest-free on eligible transactions. After this period, undefined rates;
RewardsLive Better Program offers a cashback of 1% on your monthly spending, and you can earn 0.5% additional cash back if you complete monthly challenges.Up to 30% cash back on purchases at Food Lover’s Market, Pick n Pay, and Woolworths; car refueling at Sasol gas stations; purchase of Dis-Chem beauty products; purchases at other partner stores; partner virtual stores. 1.15% on all other purchases.

To learn more about the Absa Flexi Core Credit Card and find out how you can apply for it, check out our post below!

Absa Bank logo

Absa Flexi Core Credit Card: check out how to apply!

The Absa Flexi Core Credit Card has special conditions for those who want to build or rebuild their own credit. Check out in this post how to apply for this card!

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