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African Bank Gold Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Find out how to apply for a credit card that promises a 3% yield and global coverage on all your credit cards. Learn more about the African Bank Gold Card!


Disclaimer: The African Bank Gold Credit Card is currently not available for new applicants through African Bank’s official website.

African Bank Gold Credit Card: enjoy a Visa Gold card wide acceptance and benefits

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African Bank Gold Credit Card: check out how to apply! Source: Foster the Money

Apply for the African Bank Gold Credit Card, a Visa card that offers global travel support. In addition, count on 60 days free of interest rate charges.

Below, learn about the basic requirements to apply for this card. The application is simple! So check below!

How to apply on the website

You can apply for African Bank Gold Credit online using a computer connected to the internet. Therefore, you need to access the official website of this credit product.

Press the “Apply now” on the home page. This button is in the bottom right corner of your device’s screen. The application form is divided into five parts.

Firstly, you will inform personal data (name and ID for identification), telephone number, and e-mail.

You will then enter the revenue data. In the fourth step, you will find out which African Bank products are available.

The offer of each bank’s product is subject to the information provided in the previous steps. Then choose African Bank Gold Credit and complete your application.


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Learn the requirements to apply for African Bank Gold Credit Card. Source: Adobe Stock

Before applying, make sure you have a list of the following documents nearby:

  • Most recent proof of income;
  • Proof of residence not exceeding three months;
  • You must be over 18 to apply for a Credit Card;
  • The last bank statement reflecting three salary deposits.

How to apply using a mobile app

Applying for the African Bank Gold Credit Card via smartphone is possible.

To do so, you must download the “African Bank” application for free.

Right on the app’s home screen, select the “Apply” option. In the next menu, select the “credit card” option.

Then press the “apply” button and enter your data in the form that will appear in the sequence.

Finally, click the “Call me back” button. Afterward, an official agent of the African Bank will call you and ask for your application information.

African Bank Gold Card vs. Absa Gold Card: choose which one is best for you

Before you apply for the African Bank Card, check out this gold credit card showdown.

Thus, the table below compares the main characteristics of the gold cards of the main banks in the country.

Which of these is best for you? Then see the comparison to decide!

African Bank Gold CardAbsa Gold Card
Credit ScoreNot disclosed;Good or excellent (650 or greater);
Monthly FeeR69.00;R55;
Initiation FeeN/A;Not disclosed;
Interest Rate60 days interest-free. 15% to 27.75% after;57 days of interest-free on qualifying transactions. Up to 21% interest rate after;
RewardsNone.Absa Rewards: Up to 30% cash back on purchases at Food Lover’s Market, Pick n Pay, Woolworths, Dis-Chem stores, and more. Up to 1.15% cash back on all other purchases.

The Absa Gold Card gives access to one of the country’s most advantageous reward programs in the card market.

Do you want to learn how to apply for this credit product? Then access the following post and find out!

Absa logo

Absa Gold Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply for Absa Gold Credit Card and enjoy a reward program and travel benefits. Up to 30% cashback. Keep reading to learn more.

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