Discover the world: Buy cheap CemAir flights

Take advantage of CemAir's fast non-stop flights to go anywhere in South Africa for very little! Find flight from R1,000! Read on and learn more!


Fly safe and fast to the main destinations inside and outside South Africa!

Discover the world: Buy cheap CemAir flights. Source: Foster the Money

Every South African needs to know how to buy cheap CemAir flights. In addition to the great rates, this company is recognized with several awards in the aviation industry.




Reliable Low Fares

Spend less and travel more – multiple destinations worldwide!

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In addition, it is a reference to comfort and convenience. Below, find out how to buy CemAir tickets without leaving home!

Want to buy cheap CemAir flights? Follow the step by step!

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you buy cheap CemAir flights:

Search for your flight

Initially, access the official website of CemAir. You can access the online flight search tool on the home page. You can find it in the left corner of the screen.

First, choose the currency you want to pay for your trip (US Dollars, Rands, or Kwanzas). Then choose the starting point and final destination of your trip.

Click on the “One Way” option to buy a one-way ticket. Next, you must inform the dates of your trip and the number of people who traveled with you.

If you are a member of the SKYREWARDS Miles program, check the “Pay with SKYREWARDS Miles” option to pay for your trip with miles.

You can still get discounts if you have a promo code. Enter it in the “Promotional code” field. Finally, click on the “Continue” button.

Buy cheap CemAir flights: choose your flight

Next, you will have access to a panel with all the flights to the chosen destination in the following and previous months.

You can compare prices on each day and choose the lowest if you are flexible with dates.

The vast majority of available flights do not make a stopover. However, there may be options with scales.

Usually, you will have more than one flight on the same day at different times.

Choose the options that are best for you. Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page and press the “next” button at the bottom right.

Additional options

CemAir home page
Fly safe and fast to the main destinations inside and outside South Africa! Source: CemAir

CemAir customers can configure their tickets to add some services. Among them is the possibility of adding extra bags and access to lounges.

In addition, you can hire a specialized service if you are transporting sports equipment. You can add up to two extra packages of 10 kg each.

Among the sports equipment, you can request the transport of golf equipment, bicycles, surfboards, and fishing rod among the sports equipment.

After choosing these options, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “next” button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Finally, inform the payment method and review your order before confirming the purchase of your tickets.

Other options for your next trip: cheap Safair flights

Indeed, Safair is one of the most modern airlines available in South Africa.

In addition to the very low rates, there are several ways to find “secret deals” to travel up to 75% off.

Do you want to know how this is possible? We explain everything in the following post.

Safair Airlines

Buy cheap Safair flights: easy step by step

Learn how to buy cheap Safair flights saving up to 75%, and find out how to find the "secret deals" at the best possible prices!

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