Discounted flights on the go: Buy cheap Airlink flights

Extremely simple step-by-step to guarantee incredible discounts on your next national or international trip - fly worldwide with Airlink flights!


Travel with up to 75% off your airline tickets and 25% off accommodation

AirLink Airlines
Discounted flights on the go: Buy cheap Airlink flights. Source: Airlink

Indeed, Airlink is your opportunity to buy cheap tickets for national and international flights.




Low Fares Quick and easy

Comfort and conveninece – find low fares and get the best deals in South Africa!

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In addition to low-cost tickets, you can have incredible discounts on accommodation, travel packages, and car rentals. Find out more below!

Want to buy cheap Airlink flights? Follow the step by step!

Buy cheap Airlink flights and enjoy the best trips of your life with incredible discounts! Then check out the step-by-step below:

Search your flight

Go to Airlink’s official website. On the homepage, you will see a search tool. You must use it to find your flight.

First, you must inform the starting point in the “From” field and the destination in the “To” field.

Then enter the departure and return date. Finally, enter the number of tickets you want to buy.

If you want to make a one-way trip, click on the field where it says “Round trip” and select the option “One way”.

Also, if you want to pass through a city before reaching your final destination, select the “Multicity” option.

Buy cheap Airlink flights: choose your travel time

AirLink Airlines
Buy cheap Airlink flights: choose your travel time. Source: Airlink

Next, you’ll have access to a panel with all the flights available in the week of the date you entered in the search. Thus, you can buy prices and choose the best option.

Click on the best flight for you. Then the “Continue” button on the right of the screen will turn blue. Press to continue the ticket purchase process.

In the next panel, you will be able to choose the class you want to travel to. We recommend that you always choose Plain Sunbird (Basic) economy class.

This choice can save up to 20% on each ticket purchased. After choosing your class, press the “Continue” button on the right side of the screen once more.

Next, you’ll check the chosen route. From this screen, you can also book a rental car for your personal use. After these options, press the “Continue” button once more.

Confirmed your reservation

To close the purchase process, you must provide your identification data. You can also enter your loyalty program registration number.

That way, you can use the points you’ve already accumulated to pay for your tickets.

Finally, confirm your data, luggage, seat on the plane, and payment method, and complete your purchase.

Other options for your next trip: cheap Lift Airlines flights

Indeed, Lift Airlines is one of the youngest airlines operating national flights. To make room in such a competitive market, this company offers low-price tickets.

Know all the advantages and discounts you can have when you count on the services of this company. To learn more, see the following post!

Lift Airlines airplane

Buy cheap Lift Airlines flights: easy step by step

Discover the step-by-step guide to buy cheap Lift Airlines flights and get 30% discounts on tickets and up to 20% discounts on accommodation!

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