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Iemas Purchase Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Discover how a credit card can forever change your relationship with shopping, bills and expenses. Earn 3.5% cash back! Read on and learn more!


by José Gonçalo

Published on 03/14/2023

Iemas Purchase Credit Card: get cash back and 45 interest-free days!

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Iemas Purchase Credit Card: check out how to apply! Source: Foster the Money

Apply to Iemas Purchase Credit Card and transform all your future purchases into rewards. Numerous stores where you are part of this card’s partner network.


Credit Card

Iemas Purchase

Online Fast process

Earn 3.5% cash back at more than 120,000 retailers! 45 interest-free days!

You will be redirected to another website

Simply request the card to earn cash back of up to 3.5%! So don’t delay. Apply for your card today!

How to apply on the website

To apply for the Iemas Purchase Debit Card, visit the card’s official website and locate the “Choose your card” button on the homepage.

Next, select the “Iemas Purchase Debit Card” option and press “read more.” Scroll down and click on “Apply Now” to access the application form.

Provide your South African ID or passport number, address, occupation, and workplace information in the form.

Further, select how you want to receive your card – by post (with shipping costs of R99) or by picking it up at an iMasFinance agency. Finally, confirm your order.

Finally, you will receive an email in a few days notifying you of the outcome of your application.

How to apply using a mobile app

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Find out how to apply for this card! Source: Adobe Stock

Currently, Iemas does not provide a mobile application. Nevertheless, using your smartphone, you can still apply for the Iemas Purchase Credit Card.

Therefore, simply access the product’s official website using your device’s browser and follow the steps outlined above to apply.

Iemas Purchase Credit Card vs. Standard Bank Blue Credit Card: choose which one is best for you

Despite being new on the market, the Iemas Purchase Credit Card has already shown itself as a card with great potential.

However, this card already has strong competitors. Then see a comparative table between two cards with great cashback programs below.

Iemas Purchase Credit CardStandard Bank Blue Credit Card
Monthly IncomeAt least R12,000;At least R5,000;
Monthly FeeR39.96;R40;
Initiation FeeR10;R180;
Interest RateNot specified;From 10.25% to 21% (variable);
RewardsGet up to 3.5% cashback when you shop at any of the 12,000 partner stores of Iemas.UCount rewards program (optional): earn up to 20% cash back on purchases, 30% cashback on mobile phone expenses, up to R10 per car refueling, and other perks.

Are you intrigued by the Standard Bank Blue Credit Card? So access a comprehensive review and learn more about the benefits of credit products!

Standart Bank Logo

Standard Bank Blue Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply to Standard Bank Blue Credit Card and get a card with all the essential services with great upgrade possibilities. Find out how!

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