Blink Finance Personal Loan: find out how to apply!

Apply today for Blink Finance Personal Loan and ensure up to R8,000 for several purposes! Enjoy flexible rates! Keep reading!


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Blink Finance Personal Loan: find out how to apply! Source: Foster the Money

Apply to Blink Finance Personal Loan, a specialist short-term loan lender. In minutes and without worrying about paperwork, you can claim up to R8,000.


Personal Loan

Blink Finance

Online Fast application

Up to R8,000 for several purposes! Same-day funding!

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In less than 24 hours, the money will be in your account. Here’s how to order your money today!

Online application

To apply for the Blink Finance Personal Loan, visit the official website of this lender. Right on the homepage, you will find a loan simulator.

In it, indicate how much money you want to request using the drag button below the question “How much do you need?”. Below, indicate your next payday.

Finally, indicate the 13 digits of your SA ID and check the “I agree…” option. Then press the “apply now” button. You will then access the form to provide identifying information.

Also, you will need to detail your income and expenses. After an assessment, you will receive a message indicating whether you are eligible for a loan.

In that case, you’ll be informed of the fees you will have to pay. Confirm your submission. In a few hours, the money will be deposited in the informed bank account!

Apply on the app

Young woman at cafe drinking coffee and using mobile phone
Apply on the app. Source: Adobe Stock

Indeed, the official Blink Finance loan page makes no mention of a mobile app service.

Therefore, we understand that it is not possible to apply for Blink Finance Personal Loan using a smartphone application.

However, you can still apply for a loan from this lender on your phone.

To do so, just access this lender’s website through your mobile browser. Then follow the steps shown in the topic above!

Compare Blink Finance Personal Loan to other options: Boodle Loans

Indeed, if you are looking for a short-term loan, you must consider buying low.

The table has gathered the main characteristics of the two companies offering these services.

Which of these is the best option for you? Check below!

Blink Finance Personal LoanBoodle Loans
Interest Rate Up to 38% per year;0.17% per day (60% per year);
Loan PurposeShort-term personal loans for any purpose;Short and medium-term personal loans for any purpose;
Loan AmountsFrom R500 to R8,000;From R100 to R8,000;
Repayment TermFrom 61 to 65 days;From 2 days to 6 months;
Initiation FeeNot specified.For amounts below R1,000.00: 15% VAT;
For amounts above R1,000.00: R165 + 10% of the requested amount + 15% VAT.

Indeed, Boodle Loans offer much longer repayment terms. This may be an excellent option if you are more comfortable with more time to pay.

Then see the following post and learn more about this lender!

Boodle Loans logo

Boodle Loans: find out how to apply!

Find out how easy it is to apply to Boodle Loans and immediately have the money you need! Up to R8,000! Keep reading and learn more!

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