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Capitec Credit Card full review: should you get it?

Capitec Credit Card is a card that is highly valued for its low fees, excellent rate of return and the service provided to customers. Read our full review to learn more about it!


Capitec Credit Card: Great credit limit and rewards program!

Capitec Credit Card
Learn all about the Capitec Credit Card. Source: Capitec Bank

Indeed, the Capitec Credit Card is a card issued by Capitec Bank. The motto of this company is to offer a personalized and economical banking service.

Capitec Bank logo

Capitec Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply for the Capitec Credit Card which has excellent advantages: rewards, high credit limit, low fees, and much more. Read on to apply!

Thus, will this company be able to fulfill this mission? To find out, see the review below:

Credit ScoreGood or better (680 or higher);
Monthly FeeR45;
Initiation FeeR100;
Interest RateFrom 9.75% to 20.25% (variable);
RewardsLive Better Program offers a cashback of 1% on your monthly spending, and you can earn 0.5% additional cash back if you complete monthly challenges.

Capitec Credit Card: learn more about this financial product

In recent years, this card has conquered an increasing number of customers. In fact, this is no accident. Firstly, this card will arrive at your home completely free of charge after approval.

For the first 55 days of use, there is no interest charge on your purchases. If you leave a positive balance on this card, that money will earn you 3.5% per year with complete security.

Also, good use of credit can help you build a good credit history. Travelers can count on emergency insurance of R5 million. Also, you can use this card anywhere that accepts Mastercard cards.

Capitec Credit Card features

A girl with a smile in a jeans jacket shows a black bank credit card in her hands. Banking concept
Learn more about the card’s pros and cons. Source: Adobe Stock

Indeed, by now, you must have had a good first impression of this card. However, there are some “weak points” in this product that we need to highlight so you can get a real look at this one.

So, to know the main advantages and disadvantages of having this service, check out the following lists:

What are the benefits? 

  • High credit limit: R500,000;
  • Cashback program of up to 1.5% on all your purchases;
  • Travel insurance of R5 million;
  • Enjoy 55 days without charging interest on your purchases.

And what are the drawbacks?

  • You must complete challenges every month to gain access to the cashback program. In the month you don’t complete them, you won’t earn rewards;
  • There are no advantages or discounts in the purchase of airline tickets, accommodation, and car rental, which is relatively common in competing cards;
  • To apply, you must meet income criteria, which leaves many applicants ineligible;
  • If your credit score is not good enough, the interest rate and credit limit offered to you may not be very beneficial.

What credit score do you need to get the Capitec Credit Card?

In fact, if you meet the income criteria, you may be eligible for this card even if you have a less-than-good credit score.

However, we recommend you score at least 680 or more to access the best rate and credit limit conditions.

How does the Capitec Credit Card application process work?

You can apply for this card online and from anywhere. All you need is a computer with internet access. So, check out the post below to learn the step-by-step application process for this card!

Capitec Bank logo

Capitec Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply for the Capitec Credit Card which has excellent advantages: rewards, high credit limit, low fees, and much more. Read on to apply!

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