Buy cheap Lift Airlines flights: easy step by step

Flight with security account paying little on domestic direct flights - prices starting at R800! Learn how to book your Lift Airlines flight!


Earn 3x more points in the reward program to travel for free whenever you want!

Lift Airlines airplane
Buy cheap Lift Airlines flights: easy step by step. Source: Lift Airlines

Learn how to buy cheap Lift Airlines flights and understand how this company has grown so quickly!



Lift Airlines

Low Fares Reliable

Discover destinations worldwide – flights starting at R800!

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Despite being young, this company already stands out in the national market. Below, learn how to travel with a 30% discount and save up to 20% on accommodation!

Want to buy cheap Lift Airlines flights? Follow the step by step!

Below, find out how to guarantee the best prices on airline tickets and travel packages with Lift Airlines:

Choose your destiny

Visit the official website of Lift Airlines. There you will see a search tool. Fill in the fields informing the place of origin and the final destination of your trip.

Once you fill in these fields, you can enter your travel dates. By clicking on the date field, a calendar with the values will appear.

So, on the home page, you can compare prices and choose the cheapest date.

Set the number of tickets that will travel with you. If your trip is one-way, select the “One-way” option.

Did you receive any promotional code? Then press enter promo code button to use it. After filling in all the fields, select the “Go!” button.

Buy cheap Lift Airlines flights: choose your flight

Next, you will have access to a panel with all available flights for the chosen dates. Typically, Lift Airlines offers more than one flight per day.

So, you can choose the most comfortable time for you.

After choosing your flight, you must choose one of the three available classes. They are economy “without a bag,” economy bag, and premium.

To save money, we recommend choosing the budget “no bag” option. Before choosing this option, check if the 7kg of luggage offered for this category is enough.

After choosing flights and seats, scroll to the bottom of the page and press the “Continue” button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Enter the details and complete your purchase

Lift Airlines
Earn 3x more points in the reward program to travel for free whenever you want! Source: Lift Airlines

In the next panel, you must inform data that allow your identification. Enter first name, last name, contact phone, email, and date of birth.

In the end, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Continue” button. In the extra services tab, you can select your seat.

We recommend that you prefer seats at the back of the plane for reasons of economy. Finally, confirm the payment methods and confirm your reservation.

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