Grant-in-aid: pension of R500 monthly indefinitely

With a simple form filling, you can increase your pension income! To find out how this is possible, see the following post!


R500 more for those who already received help from other federal benefits

Grant-in-aid: pension of R500 monthly indefinitely. Source: Foster the Money

Many of those who receive a federal pension need special monitoring. As this service tends to be expensive, the federal government created the Grant-in-aid, which we’ll review!


Apply for the Grant-in-aid

Apply to Grant-in-aid to receive an additional federal pension of up to R6,000 a year. Learn how you can request this free help!

Thus, it is possible to pay for the help you need without compromising your income. Learn more below!

How does the Grant-in-aid work?

Indeed, for many, the Disability Benefit, Veteran’s Benefit, or Old Age Pension Benefit is not enough. That’s because many of the beneficiaries need special care.

Others need full-time care and don’t have a family member to help them. In these cases, paying for support from a healthcare professional can be extremely expensive.

Especially for citizens who survive on federal pension income alone. Thinking about these cases, the federal government created the Grant-in-aid.

This is additional financial assistance for beneficiaries who, for health reasons, cannot take care of themselves. That way, they need to have someone around all day.

This aid is paid together with the pensions that the beneficiary already receives. The amount is R500 per month and can be paid indefinitely.

Benefits offered by the Grant-in-aid

Cropped shot of a senior woman holding her friends hands in comfort.
Benefits offered by the Grant-in-aid. Source: Adobe Stock

As you can see in this review, the Grant-in-aid allows federal aid to needy populations to be really effective.

Next, learn about the features of this program that make it extremely useful!

Registration “by proxy”

In fact, many of those who need subsidy assistance cannot go to a SASSA agency to apply for this pension.

Sensitive to this reality, the government allows the request for this aid to be made by someone other than the beneficiary.

To do this, it is enough for a family member or friend to attend a registration location.

The representative must present a letter and/or medical certificate stating that the beneficiary cannot attend the office.

Totally free service

You will not need to disburse any amount of money to apply for this benefit. Also, the federal government will not make any deductions from payments.

However, if you choose to receive your payment via wire transfer, you may incur a fee.

However, this is the sole responsibility of the bank or institution you have chosen to manage your money.

Want to apply for the Grant-in-aid?

Indeed, I am sure that a monthly aid of R500 can make a lot of difference in your life. Below is how you can count on this additional money!


Apply for the Grant-in-aid

Apply to Grant-in-aid to receive an additional federal pension of up to R6,000 a year. Learn how you can request this free help!

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