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Exclusive benefits and prices that only the world's largest airline can offer

American Airlines, choose from more than 345 national and international destinations paying next to nothing for your trips


American Airlines is known worldwide as the largest airline in terms of number of passengers per year. There are more than 200,000 flights a week and a fleet of almost 1,500 planes. This volume of travel makes it possible to reduce costs and offer prices that no other competing agency can. At American Airlines, you’ll find flexible, low-cost options and plenty of opportunities to save. In addition, you can count on one of the largest miles programs in the world to travel practically for free.

Discover some of the exclusive benefits that only companies the size of American Airlines can offer!

More than 345 national and international destinations to choose from;
Flights practically every day of the week and at all times of the day;
Several options to save: promotions, offers and frequent flyer programs;
Possibility to reserve your seat on the plane for 24 hours while you look for other opportunities.

Customers of this airline can count on the AAdvantage® frequent flyer program. To participate, you can apply for an AAdvantage® credit card and earn miles for grocery shopping, gas stations, dining at select restaurants, and all other purchases. In addition, you can earn points even without a card through purchases on the American Airlines AAdvantage eShopping portal. These points can be used to fully or partially finance airline tickets.

Those who opt for this type of trip will have access to the cheapest tickets offered by this company. However, you will have to forgo other advantages. “Basic economy” passengers cannot make any changes after paying for the flight. You cannot choose your seat and must pay a fee to check your bags. Also, these are the last group to board the planes.

All travelers are entitled to take one item with them (bag, suitcases and others) as long as they do not exceed the following dimensions: 18 x 14 x 8 inches. In addition, everyone can carry one piece of luggage (suitcase or similar) which must be placed in the upper compartment of their seat. This baggage must not exceed the following measurements: 22 x 14 x 9 inches. If your luggage exceeds these measurements or you have extra luggage, you will have to pay check-in fees. The value depends on the quantity, route and class you occupy. However, this amount can vary between $0 and $450.

In fact, there are several websites that offer reviews on the most diverse airlines. Among them, we highlight Tripadvisor.com, which gathers opinions from customers around the world about services around the world. On this site, American Airlines has received more than 75,000 customer reviews. Among these, about 36,000 evaluate the services of this company as “excellent” or “very good”. In addition, American Airlines won the “Travelers’ Choice 2019 Winner” award as the best in customer opinion that year. So, it is very likely that you will have good experiences flying with this company.

American Airlines logo

Buy cheap American Airlines flights: easy step by step

Learn how to take advantage of the best opportunities offered by the largest airline in the world: American Airlines. Cheap tickets (almost free) and over 345 national and international destinations to choose from!

American Airlines flights are very cheap. However, if you are going to travel around the country, we recommend that you also get to know Allegiant Air.

This company specializes in cheap, non-stop flights. Read our post below to learn how to buy cheap Allegiant Air flights!

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Buy cheap Allegiant Air flights: easy step by step

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