Buy cheap American Airlines flights: easy step by step

Discover a step-by-step guide to take advantage of exclusive offers from the largest airline in the world: American Airlines!


by José Gonçalo

Published on 11/04/2022

American Airlines: prepare your bags to travel, paying next to nothing on the biggest airline in the world!

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Learn how to buy American Airlines tickets. Source: American Airlines

Check out a step-by-step guide to buying cheap tickets for flights on American Airlines. Also, learn how to find good savings opportunities offered by this company!


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Read on to learn the main steps and tips to buy cheap American Airlines flights!

Want to buy cheap American Airlines flights? Follow the step-by-step!

buy cheap American Airlines flights
Get to know a step-by-step guide to buying cheap airline tickets. Source: Flickr

Learn now how to buy American Airlines tickets taking advantage of all the opportunities to save:

Look for the best flight

On the home page of this company’s website, you will find a small form to search for flight offers. However, you can find better opportunities using the expanded search tool.

This can be accessed via the “Advanced search / multi-city” button in the right corner of the screen. In this form, you will add information about your trip as usual. The difference is in the “Options” category.

You can opt for a search that values cheaper and more flexible options in this one. Fill in all the fields and click on “find flights”.

Check promotions and offers

The company’s official website has a special space to publicize promotions. This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to travel on a budget but have not set a destination or date.

To access this space, go to the menu at the top of the official American Airlines page. There, select the option “plan travel” and then “Travel deals and offers”.

On this page, you can search for destinations or the most popular ones.

Choose your flight

After your search, you will be presented with a screen with several flight options. Select the best for you and select the category you would like to travel in.

You can expect the cheapest trips if you choose the “basic economy” category.

However, you will lose some privileges, such as choosing your seat and taking more than one piece of luggage during the flight.

After choosing your flight, scroll down the page and access the AAdvantagens program if you have an account. If you are not registered yet, click “continue as a guest”.

Enter your details and buy your cheap tickets for flights on American Airlines

Then, enter your personal details and choose your seat (if your chosen plan allows it). To know the advantages of each seat, hover over it. Then, you must choose a payment method.

If you want to search for other opportunities, you can book the offer you already have for 24 hours. Simply select the “Standby for 24 hours” option to do this.

If you do not confirm payment within this period, you will lose your seat and will not have to pay any fines.

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