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Pay no interest! No minimum income required!

Bidvest Bank Debit Card, manage every penny spent on your business with just one tap on your smartphone screen


In an increasingly competitive business world, it is not possible to manage your company financially as if we were in the last century! Today, paying little, you have at your disposal technological resources to control every penny spent. With the Bidvest Bank Debit Card, you can manage the expenses of up to 99 employees with just one bank account. As a manager, you can have reports on the use of money at all times and authorize/unauthorized any purchase. All this on Visa cards, accepted worldwide.


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In 4 points, understand how the Bidvest Bank Debit Card can revolutionize your company!

Manage spending and purchasing for up to 99 employees with a single bank account;
Track each transfer of each of your employees through your cell phone;
Have a Bidvest Bank specialist at your disposal so that you can make the most of this card's features;
All deposited money yields higher rates than traditional savings accounts.

You will remain in the same website

Yes. To make withdrawals at ATMs, your Bidvest Bank Debit Card must be authorized for this function by the manager of the Bidvest Bank account to which your card is linked. You can make withdrawals at Bidvest Bank and SASWITCH ATMs for a fee of R15 per transaction. If you are out of the country, you can still rely on this feature. However, the fee per operation will be R60.

You can make purchases with this card at any establishment inside or outside the country that accepts Visa debit cards. To use these features, your card must first be authorized by the manager of the account to which it is linked for this function. For all purchases in the national territory, you will not have to pay any type of fee. However, if you want to shop abroad, you will be charged a fee of R40 for each transfer.

This card is a financial management solution available only to South African companies. Therefore, you cannot apply for this card if you are not the owner of a company or have a company that does not meet the prerequisites defined by the bank. However, you can count on other services if you are looking for personal banking solutions. Among them, we highlight international payments, Savings and Investments, Exchange, and others.

Bidvest Bank Debit Card

Bidvest Bank Debit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply to Bidvest Bank Debit Card and improve your employees' expense management while your money goes beyond savings! Pay no interest!

You don’t have to have a great credit score or high income to have a good cashback program. It is enough to know which debit card is capable of offering this.

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Iemas Purchase Debit Card

Iemas Purchase Debit Card: check out how to apply!

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