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Domestic and international flights to over 90 destinations at amazingly low prices

JetBlue Airways, specialist in cheap prices for air tickets, hotel stays, cruises, car rentals and travel packages


JetBlue Airways emerged in the national airline market as a company specializing in cheap domestic flights. However, in less than twenty years, this company has managed to grow to offer trips to national and international destinations to more than 90 destinations with a fleet of more than 240 aircraft. In addition to ultra-low prices for a wide range of travel services, this company offers discounts of up to 20% on hotel stays, 35% on car rentals and exclusive promotions to save you even more.

Great perks, isn't it? Check out four advantages of flying with JetBlue Airways below!

Cheap flights to more than 90 national and international destinations;
Possibility to organize flights and group trips with ease;
Loyalty program credit card offering welcome bonus of 40,000;
Find discounts on airline tickets, cruises, vacation packages, car rentals and hotel stays.

The best way to earn points in the True Blue program to exchange for airline tickets, cruises, car rentals, accommodation and travel packages is by applying for a JetBlue Plus credit card. With this card, every dollar spent is converted into points. Grocery purchases, for example, earn two points for every dollar spent. Additionally, purchases of JetBlue services earn six points for every dollar spent. Once approved for this card, you can count on 40,000 welcome bonus points. That amount of points represents a savings of $600 on your next trip.

JetBlue Airways is a company specialized in economical flights with lines to national and international destinations. Among domestic destinations, JetBlue Airways has flights to virtually every state, including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Some of the international flights are offered through partnerships with other airlines. That way, you can count on JetBlue if you want to fly to destinations outside the country, such as: Vancouver (Canada); Aruba, Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica and among others (Caribbean and Central America); Cancún, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta (Mexico); Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana and Peru (South America); London Area, London-Gatwick and London-Heathrow (UK).

Yes. JetBlue has established partnerships with companies from various parts of the planet. Thus, you can easily transfer your points accumulated in the True Blue travel program to several other loyalty plans of national and international airlines. Below is a list of the main companies that accept True Blue points: Emirates, Hawaiian Airlines, Icelandair, JSX, Silver Airways, Singapore Airlines and South African Airways. Each point accumulated in this program is worth $0.015 USD, which is a relatively high value.

JetBlue Airways logo

Buy cheap JetBlue Airways flights: easy step by step

Find out how to buy tickets for cheap (and even free!) flights, travel packages, cruises, hotel stays and car rentals on JetBlue Airways!

Now, you already know enough about JetBlue Airways cheap flights. However, to save even more on flights, you must look into Sun Country Airlines flights.

This company is known throughout the country as an ultra-economical company! To learn more, see the following post!

Sun Country Airlines logo

Buy cheap Sun Country Airlines flights: easy step by step

Learn how to buy airline tickets from a company that manages to combine low prices and agility in national and international travel to paradise destinations:

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