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Enjoy dicounts on international flights, hotels worldwide and many other services!

Standard Bank World Citizen Card, up to 35% off on services and access to exclusive benefits!


The Standard Bank World Citizen Card is critically rated as one of the best travel cards in the country and it's pretty easy to see why. First, this card offers discounts of up to 20% on domestic and international airline tickets and exclusive discounts on all the hotels you stay in anywhere in the world. In addition, besides the life insurance and the guarantee of your bags, you still have access to lounges, offers in luxury stores in 9 shopping villages in Europe, discounts on car rentals and renowned resorts around the world. All this on a Mastercard card, accepted worldwide.

Check out four reasons to convince you to apply for the Standard Bank World Citizen Card today!

Discounts of up to 20% on airline tickets on national and international flights;
Access to worldwide lounges and exclusive car rental discounts;
Up to 25% off hotel stays worldwide;
Life insurance, medical emergencies and luggage included.

Standard Bank World Citizen Credit Card customers enjoy exclusive discounts on all essential travel services: hotel stays, airline tickets and car rentals. To offer all these advantages, Standard Bank has partnered with renowned companies around the world. Thus, on a trip, you should give preference to these brands. To get car rental discounts, you must rent cars from Rentalcars.com (to get 10% off) or Hertz (to get 15% off).

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Standard Bank World Citizen Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply to Standard Bank World Citizen Credit Card to enjoy a 0% intro interest rate and up to 20% discount on airline tickets. Learn more!

The Absa Flexi Core credit card is simple and inexpensive. However, this card has a powerful rewards program that can guarantee up to 30% cashback!

So, look at this card after getting to know the Standard Bank World Citizen Card. Go to the post below to learn how to apply for it.

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Absa Flexi Core Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Learn how to apply for the Absa Flexi Core Credit Card, the credit card made for building credit that exempts you from interest rates for almost two months and offers many other advantages:

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