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Ongoing financial help for family members of veterans and veteran soldiers who have done so much for our nation

VA Survivors Pension, quality of life and reward for those who risked their lives to defend the interests of the country


Our country’s history in the 20th century was, in part, written by those who dedicated their lives to military service, often in times of critical conflict. Now it’s time to thank them for their work and efforts. Incidentally, this is the purpose of the VA Survivors Pension, a continuous financial pension that guarantees quality of life for the families of veterans and veteran soldiers who served the federation at a key moment in world history. More than a financial aid, it is a way for the marital status to say “thank you” for the services provided.

Check out four details about the VA Survivors Pension that will help you better understand this benefit.

It can be requested by widows, children and veterans themselves;
Participation in another financial support program is not an impediment to receiving this assistance;
Based on 2022 calculations, aid could amount to approximately $15,000 per year;
Veterans who have not served in periods of open warfare may also be eligible for this aid.

By law, the periods of war that make veterans eligible for this pension are: Mexican border (May 9, 1916 to April 5, 1917, for veterans who served in Mexico, its borders or adjacent waters), World War I ( April 6 November 1917 to 11 November 1918), World War II (7 December 1941 to 31 December 1946), Korean Conflict (27 June 1950 to 31 January 1955), Korean War of Vietnam (November 1, 1955 to May 7, 1975, for veterans who served in the Republic of Vietnam during that period; August 5, 1964, to May 7, 1975, for veterans who served outside the Republic of Vietnam) and Gulf War (August 2, 1990, until future date to be defined by law or presidential proclamation).

Indeed, the department responsible for managing this pension does not set a maximum waiting period for issuing a response after application. However, it determines that each request is answered according to a submission order. Thus, to be agile, it is important that those interested in this pension apply as soon as possible. In an emergency, it is possible to apply for the VA Survivor’s Pension on a priority basis. Priority status will be evaluated and awarded at the time of application.

Assets will be surveyed during the appraisal process. Thus, the pension will only be granted if the total amount is below the predefined values. For the calculation, all personal assets will be considered. However, your house, your car and most furniture will not be taken into account. For the final calculation of equity, total equity will be subtracted from the total amount of your debts.

VA Survivors Pension

Apply for the VA Survivors Pension: find out how

Apply to VA Survivors Pension, which guarantees military veterans more quality of life and financial aid. Keep reading and learn more.

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Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program

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