The role of women in the US economy and how their money decisions will impact the future

Women will change the market for decades to come! Understand how their money decisions will play a crucial part in the US economy.


Why women and their money decisions are essential for the economy

woman holding big amount of money.
The financial power of women has only grown in recent years. Understand! Source: Pixabay

In fact, now it’s the women’s turn! That is what says an article published by Claire Costello, Managing Member of Bank of America and Jackie VanderBrug, Private Bank and Investment Office of Merrill. According to the publication, the relationship of women with decisions involving money has changed a lot in recent years.

So they now have much more capital and choice. Also, women are much more interested in investing their capital. Thus, by assuming a very different profile from what is common for men, women can provoke a profound revolution in the economy.

In fact, this will require a restructuring of companies, as they think about their investments in a very different way than most men. The trend is that we can already feel the effects of this change quickly, at least in the next 10 or 30 years.

What is behind this change? What can we expect for the future? So, read this article and find out how female strength can change the world.

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The reasons why women’s money choices are going to change the economy

The market could change a lot with “women’s money” in the coming decades. Source: Adobe Stock

In fact, the times when women only decided to take care of the house and children are more and more distant in the past.

Currently, they already play an increasingly decisive role in matters such as investment and the financial management of families. Today, women already own a total of 10 trillion dollars in financial and household assets.

However, this figure will triple in the coming decades, which will make women responsible for an important part of the country’s GDP.

So, understand where the power of women’s financial decisions comes from and how it will affect the market for decades to come.

Where does all this women’s decision-making power come from?

According to leading reports, American women in recent years are accumulating more and more capital. However, to understand the basis of this movement it is important that you understand where this money comes from.

In fact, it is impossible not to relate this fact to the effective entry of women into the labor market. Today, it is increasingly common to see them in high positions. Thus, it is natural that they start to earn better salaries and have more influence.

However, there is another, much more prevalent reason that explains this phenomenon.

According to Marguerita Cheng, CEO of Blue Ocean Global Wealth in Gaithersburg, Maryland, women have more money because they are inheriting money from their husbands and fathers.

The financial planner states that, historically, women tend to live longer than their partners and fathers.

Thus, at a certain point in their lives, they start to manage a good part of the values ​​that were previously the responsibility of their partners and parents.

The expert also highlights a very important factor: women tend to manage their money in a completely different way than men.

What are the decisions women are making about investments and money?

Female hands on computer and stock charts (women money decisions).
Understand how women are investing their money. Source: Pixabay

As more women are exposed to the market, it is easy to see the differences between the way women and men invest their money. In fact, research indicates that women have a lower risk tolerance than men.

Thus, they are much more interested in assets that offer certain predictability and security. So, most likely, it is a sense of responsibility and care that they have inherited from the experience of being a mother.

In addition, they are much more linked to social responsibility causes and seek to invest in assets that generate some kind of social transformation.

This is certainly a less noticeable interest in men, who are much more interested in seeking out assets that only generate the best returns.

According to Fortune magazine, women already represent an important percentage of investors interested in ESG-type assets.

This acronym is composed of the terms “environmental, social and governance” and serves to describe companies concerned with the environmental impact of their actions.

In addition, this term designates companies that are concerned with social development and the formation of leaders concerned with social well-being.

According to Cathy Curtis, CEO of Curtis Financial Planning, women invest more in ESG.

Thus, when they gain more financial power, greater investment is expected in actions with the power to transform society.

What can we expect for the future of the market?

In fact, the trend is for companies to change their structures to attract this “women’s money”. According to a McKinsey & Co. report, companies aware of this demand tend to grow four times faster.

However, this will not be an easy task. Women have been very selective when it comes to investing their own money. Thus, companies that want to attract this audience need to show that they are engaged with social welfare.

This may indicate a change in the structure of companies and the way they position themselves in the market.

Thus, knowing how to talk to the female audience and understanding their demands will be essential. However, the concern of women today must be different: learning to manage their own money.

According to Winnie Sun, Sun Wealth Partners, the initial debate should be around the creation of emergency financial reserves. In fact, these amounts can cover unexpected expenses, preserving the financial health of families.

In fact, financial education is everyone’s right (and duty). You can start your journey to fully manage your finances here. For that, click on the link below and learn about 4 great financial tips that everyone needs to know!

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