FinChoice Personal Loan: find out how to apply!

Apply for simultaneous loans of up to R40,000 with 14 days guarantee to quit without paying hefty penalties. Learn more!


FinChoice Personal Loan: fully online application process

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FinChoice Personal Loan application process. Source: Foster the Money

Apply to FinChoice Personal Loan, the fastest, simplest, and easiest way to get loans up to R40,000.


Personal Loan


Online For any purpose

Fast application. Quick funding. Borrow up to R40,000.

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The process is completely online, and you still have a 14-day guarantee to withdraw from the loan without paying high costs. So read on to learn more!

Online application

Firstly, go to FinChoice’s official page. If you are a new customer, select “Apply Now.” If you are already a customer, choose the “Manage Account” option.

Further, new customers will have access to a menu of all loan products offered by this lender.

The personal loans option is the second one. Then, click on that service’s “get your quote now” button.

Initially, you must fill out a form with initial information. To continue the process, allow FinChoice to review your credit history.

Lastly, you enter your loan details. If your proposal is accepted, you’ll know the amount of fees and guidelines on how to proceed to receive the money.

What are the requirements?

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Find out the requirements for getting a loan with this lender. Source: Freepik

To apply for the FinChoice Personal Loan, you must be of legal age and live in South Africa.

In addition, you must accept that the company consults your data with the credit bureaus.

Then read on and learn about the basic documents to apply for your loan below:

  • Identification document valid in South Africa (ID);
  • Proof of income (bank statement, paycheck, among others);
  • Proof of address.

If necessary, other documents can be requested. So remember the read through all details.

Apply on the app

In fact, new and existing customers can apply for loans via their smartphones. Simply use the “FinChoice” application for free in your cell phone’s app store.

The FinChoice Personal Loan application process follows the same step-by-step process described in the topic above.

Compare the FinChoice Personal Loan to other options: Hoopla Loans

In effect, in the table below, you have a purchase between two South African lending companies.

Both lenders have very different characteristics. So, get to know them and compare them to find the best option for you.

FinChoice Personal LoanHoopla Loans
Interest Rate Check your loan’s terms and conditions on the loan agreement for more details;On average, 5%, but it can be higher (variable);
Loan PurposeAny purpose;Consolidate debt, cover emergency expenses, home improvement projects, finance funeral expenses, help cover moving costs, make a large purchase, cover a major life milestone, pay for a vacation, and any other reason;
Loan AmountsFlexi Loans (for new customers): up to R8,000;
Longtime customers can borrow up to R40,000 on their second loan;
From R100 to R250,000;
Credit NeededNot disclosed;Any credit score;
Repayment TermUp to 6 months (Flexi Loan) and 6, 12, 24, or 36 (for old customers);From 3 to 60 months;
Initiation FeeNot disclosed.None.

Are you looking for larger loans, up to R250,000? Then Hoopla Loans is an option you need to know about.

After knowing how to apply to FinChoice Personal Loan, learn how this other lender works. So keep reading and find out everything you need!

Hoopla Loans logo

Hoopla Loans: find out how to apply!

Apply to Hoopla Loans and, in seconds, find hundreds of lenders competing to offer you the best loan. Learn more in this post!

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Hoopla Loans: find out how to apply!

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