Hoopla Loans: find out how to apply!

Count on a loan search tool with an approval rate of 84% and find the best deal regardless of your credit score. Compare your options and choose the best lender for you! Learn more in the review below!


Hoopla Loans: in just 5 minutes, discover multiple online loan opportunities

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Learn how to apply for Hoopla Loans. Source: Foster the Money

Apply to Hoopla Loans and gain access to dozens of lenders vying to do business with you! Find a loan based on your personal needs.




Online Loan Marketplace

Connect with the perfect lender and borrow up to R250,000.

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With this loan marketplace, you will find loans that perfectly fit your income and credit profile. Keep reading and learn how to apply for it in detail! Let’s go!

Online application

To apply for Hoopla Loans, you must first access the official website for that product. Right on the homepage, you’ll see a “get my loan” button. Select this option to access the application form for this tool.

Then you must fill them in with personal data, address, information about your work, and income. Finally, click on “get my loan” again.

Below, you will have access to a list of lenders who will be able to fulfill your request. Select each one of them, compare them and choose the best option to then request a direct contact.

What are the requirements?

In fact, terms and amounts may vary depending on the type of loan you want. However, the readability criteria are the same in all cases. Meet them below:

  • Be over 18 years old;
  • Be an SA citizen or resident with an identification number;
  • Being in a permanent job;
  • Minimum monthly income of R4,000;
  • Not currently under debt review; Submit a credit check by the lender.

Apply on the app

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Get the money you need with Hoopla Loans.Source: Adobe Stock

Indeed, Hoopla Loans does not offer apps that allow applications via smartphones. However, you can still use this tool through your cell phone.

To do so, just access the official website of this company through your cell phone’s browser.

Compare Hoopla Loans to other options: ABSA Personal Loan

Indeed, the South African market offers consolidated options when it comes to lenders. So, we chose a traditional option to compare its advantages with the services offered by Hoopla Loans.

The summary of this comparison is in the table below. Check out:

Hoopla LoansABSA Personal Loan
Interest Rate  On average, 5%, but it can be higher (variable) depending on the lender; From the minimum of 13.75% per annum;
Loan PurposeConsolidate debt, cover emergency expenses, home improvement projects, finance funeral expenses, help cover moving costs, make a large purchase, cover a major life milestone, pay for a vacation, and any other reason;Personal loan, express loan, instant loan, ABSA home loan, building home loan, loyalty home loan, beat load shedding, for a car and study loan;
Loan AmountsFrom R100 to R250,000;Up to R350.000;
Credit NeededAny credit score;600 or better;
Repayment TermFrom 3 to 60 months;Personal loan: over 12 months to 84 months; Smaller personal loan: over 2 to 6 months;
Initiation FeeNone. R 207.50.

Did the conditions of the loans offered by ABSA Personal Loan call your attention? Then visit the post below to learn more:

ABSA logo

Absa Personal Loan: find out how to apply!

Apply for ABSA Personal Loan and enjoy the best interest rate on the market and the longest repayment period. Find out how here!

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