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Old Khaki Store Card: check out how to apply!

Apply for the card that turns your purchases into cash points to fund your next purchases! Understand how this is possible and save like never before!


Old Khaki Store Card: up to R600 more every month without effort!

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Old Khaki Store Card: check out how to apply! Source: Foster the Money

Apply for the Old Khaki Store Card and get up to R600 vouchers every month to spend however you like.


Credit Card

Old Khaki Store

Online Fast and Simple

R600 in vouchers to shop in the best stores! Customer Protection Insurance.

You will be redirected to another website

Accumulate points and exchange them for rewards in the country’s best physical or virtual stores. To learn how to order yours, see the following post.

How to apply on the website

Head to the product’s official website to apply for the Old Khaki Store Card. Once there, you’ll see an “apply now” button on the right-hand side of the screen.

Enter your ID number and click “next” to move on to the next step. You’ll also need to input information about your income.

Additionally, you’ll need to list any outstanding debts, including loans or mortgages. After you’ve completed all the steps, the system will process your data.

Next, you’ll be presented with information on the interest rates and fees associated with the card. If you’re satisfied with the information provided, submit your application.

In these final steps, you must attach documents verifying your income and identity. After you’ve completed your application, wait for the result!

How to apply using a mobile app

African american woman shopping online holding smartphone paying with gold credit card. Girl sitting at home buying on Internet enter credit card details. Online shopping ecommerce delivery service.
Learn more about this card’s application process. Source: Adobe Stock

The mobile app Old Khaki developed doesn’t allow applications to be submitted, but it’s still possible to apply for this card using your smartphone.

Simply open your internet browser on your phone and follow the instructions provided.

After your application is approved, you can handle your card via the “Old Khaki Store Card” app by downloading it onto your device.

Old Khaki Store Card vs. RCS Store Card: choose which one is best for you

In fact, we are facing two cards that are not rivals. On the contrary, a partnership between them has greatly enriched the loyalty program market in the country.

So no matter what you choose, you will get great benefits. However, there are still differences between them. See the comparison in the table below!

Cashback program, points, and exclusive discounts on selected purchases at stores that are part of the RCS Shopping Network. Old Khaki Store CardRCS Store Card
Monthly IncomeAt least R2,000 per month;At least R1,000 per month;
Monthly FeeNot disclosed;Not disclosed;
Initiation FeeNot disclosed;Not disclosed;
Interest RateNot disclosed;Up to 55 days interest-free. Up to 24.50% per year after;
RewardsR100 voucher (for every R300 spent), R200 (for every R600 spent), or R300 (for every R900 spent) that can be redeemed on purchases at Old Khaki, Cape Union Mart, Poetry, Keedo and all 30,000 brands they carry part of the RCS shopping network. Cashback program, points, and exclusive discounts on selected purchases at stores that are part of the RCS Shopping Network.

Since you already know how to apply for the Old Khaki Store Card, you must know its “brother.” We are talking about the RCS Store Card.

Having this card and not finding discounts is impossible, no matter what you want to buy. To learn more about this card, see the following post.

RCS Store Card

RCS Store Card: check out how to apply!

Apply to the RCS Store Card and start building your credit today with discounts and cashback programs at over 30,000 stores!

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