Total Visa® Card: check out how to apply!

Learn how to get, in seconds, a credit card that can help you build your credit. Read on to apply for the Total Visa® Card!


Total Visa® Card: build your credit with a good starting credit limit!

Total Visa® Card
Learn how to apply for this card. Source: Total Visa

Apply to Total Visa® Card and have at your disposal a card with everything you need to build your credit. With no minimum credit score criteria or history, you can start building your financial health today.


Credit card

Total Visa®

Building credit low score

Reporter to three major credit bureaus. Free consultation of your credit score.

You will be redirected to another website

Basically, there is an eligibility criterion: being of legal age according to the rules of the state in which you live.

How to apply on the website

To apply online for the Total Visa® Card, simply access the official website for that card. Right on this page, you will have access to an application form. Just fill in the basic name and address information.

At the bottom of the page, you can choose a different designer for your card. To choose one of the premium models, you must pay a fee of $6.95.

Finally, click “Apply now” to go to the second part of this form. There, you will need to enter your Social Security Number (SSN) and data about your income.

At the end of the process, you will receive a message accepting your application. This will normally take a few minutes.

For faster shipping of your card (express shipping), you will have to pay a fee of $35.00.

How to apply using a mobile app

Total Visa® Card mobile application
Learn how to apply for the Total Visa® Card. Source: Total Visa®

Card customers can count on a mobile service. To access it, simply download the “Total Card” application for free on your cell phone.

Through this app, you can consult your history and payments and manage your card. Also, you can check your credit score for free (TRANSUNION®). However, this app does not accept applications.

So, to apply, you need to access the official website of this credit card.

Total Visa® Card vs. Surge Mastercard® card: choose which one is best for you

In the market, there are many options for people interested only in building credit. Thus, it is important that you compare options. After all, a wrong choice can leave you even further from your goal.

So, get to know another card that can help you right now.

Total Visa® CardSurge Mastercard®
Credit ScoreFair/Bad Credit. Any score
Annual Fee$75.00 1st year, $48.00 after. From $75 to $99 in the first year. After that, fixed payments of $99
Regular APR35.99% on purchases and cash advances. From 24.99% to 29.99% (variable)
Welcome bonusNone.None
Rewards1% cash back on payments made to your card. None

Want to learn more about Surge Mastercard®? Take a look at how to apply for the Surge Mastercard® in our post below!

Surge Mastercard® credit card

Surge Mastercard® card: check out how to apply!

Get to know how the application process works for one of the cards that has established itself in the market as a great option for building credit: the Surge Mastercard®.

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