FIT® Platinum Mastercard® full review: should you get it?

An ideal card for those who need credit but do not have a positive history. Discover the advantages of the FIT® Platinum Mastercard®.


by José Gonçalo

04/29/2022 | Updated on 11/29/2022

FIT® Platinum Mastercard®: build (or rebuild) your credit quickly and easily

Learn all about this credit card. Source: Fit Card Info.

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting from scratch or coming out of a bad situation. The FIT® Platinum Mastercard® review is the option for you.

Discover the advantages of having this credit option when you need to improve your credit score.

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FIT® Platinum Mastercard®: check out how to apply!

Build (or rebuild) your credit with an initial limit of up to $400 on your card. Learn how to apply for the FIT® Platinum Mastercard®.

Credit ScoreBad to fair (from 300 to 670)
Annual Fee$99
Regular APR29.99%
Welcome bonusNone

FIT® Platinum Mastercard®: learn more about this financial product

It is a card designed for those with no credit history or limited credit. That way, it has features that will help you a lot to improve your score and credit history in a short time. Initially, this card offers a credit limit of up to $400.

Credit usage is reported monthly to the country’s three largest credit bureaus. Thus, you are likely to see the first results of conscious use of this card in a short time.

To track your credit score, you will be entitled to free monthly consultations of your points. In six months, there is the possibility of doubling your credit up to R$800. New adjustments can be made every six months up to a maximum limit of R$3,000.

FIT® Platinum Mastercard® also has a protection system to not penalize customers in case of fraud.

FIT® Platinum Mastercard® features

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Learn more about the card’s pros and cons! Source: Adobe Stock.

An indispensable help for anyone who needs to start life or rebuild it. This is what FIT® Platinum Mastercard® promises and delivers very effectively. Below, learn about the main advantages and disadvantages of this product and decide if it makes sense for you.

What are the benefits? 

  • Minimum requirements to apply for it, does not create barriers between you and credit;
  • Possibility to readjust the amount of your credit every six months;
  • Customer disclaimer in case of fraud.

And what are the drawbacks?

  • To apply, you need to pay an $89 fee;
  • High APR value and annual fee;
  • It does not offer any rewards program;
  • No welcome bonus.

What credit score do you need to get the FIT® Platinum Mastercard®?

Since this is a card for people with not-so-good credit, you can apply for it with a bad or fair score. That way, if you have between 300 and 670, you can already go through the process.

How does the FIT® Platinum Mastercard® application process work?

Applying for your FIT® Platinum Mastercard® is simple and can be done without leaving your home. Then it’s time to improve your credit score and history. Click on the link below and ask your questions about the application process.

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FIT® Platinum Mastercard®: check out how to apply!

Build (or rebuild) your credit with an initial limit of up to $400 on your card. Learn how to apply for the FIT® Platinum Mastercard®.

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