Mercury® Mastercard® credit card full review: should you get it?

If you're looking to build your credit while earning rewards, then this article is for you. Find out if the Mercury® Mastercard® is right for you in our detailed review.


Mercury® Mastercard® credit card: solid cashback program at fair credit scores

Learn all about this credit card. Source: Mercury Cards.

A mysterious card with very interesting advantages for anyone with a fair credit score. So, check out the table below and our review to get to know the Mercury® Mastercard® credit card, a card unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

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Mercury® Mastercard® card: check out how to apply!

Go from a fair to good credit score with a solid cashback program. Check out how to get your Mercury® Mastercard® card!

Credit ScoreFair (550 a 650)
Annual Fee$0 or $79
Regular APRFrom 27.24% to 29.24% (variable)
Welcome bonusNone
RewardsCashback on qualifying daily purchases such as dinners, supplies, grocery shopping

Mercury® Mastercard® credit card: learn more about this financial product

This is a very different card from all the others you know. In fact, in a few lines, we will explain what makes the Mercury® Mastercard® a mystery card.

At the outset, it is important to say that it is not the type of card that offers very clear information. For example, by searching customer testimonials, it is possible to find reports of different percentages and conditions in the cashback program.

This same situation is repeated when it comes to the initial credit limit. Therefore, in this review, we decided to only use information collected from official sources.

By following this card website, it is possible to learn about the rewards program where you receive cashback on grocery purchases, gasoline, dinners, and many others. However, no additional information is provided about this program.

This card provides a waiver of liability in the event of theft or loss. Also, you can track your credit score through the app for free. When applying for this card, you can have a 0% or 3% foreign transfer fee.

As for the balance transfer fee, it can be 4% or 5% on each transfer. Finally, regarding the minimum credit limit, it is not possible to indicate a value precisely. However, most analysts say this is likely to be $1,500.

Mercury® Mastercard® credit card features

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Learn more about the card’s pros and cons! Source: Adobe Stock.

Discover some of the advantages and disadvantages that make this card a true credit card legend:

What are the benefits? 

  • Check your credit score on your cell phone;
  • Accept person with a fair score;
  • Disclaimer in cases of fraud;
  • Offers a cashback program.

What are the drawbacks?

  • Confusing application process, difficult to know which card you are applying for; 
  • Lack of clarity in information;
  • Relatively high APR.

What credit score do you need to get the Mercury® Mastercard® credit card?

This is a card for an audience with an average credit score. So, to apply, it is important that you have a fair score (550 to 650).

How does the Mercury® Mastercard® card application process work?

This qualification process is very different from conventional processes. To meet it, click on the link below and read a special article.

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Mercury® Mastercard® card: check out how to apply!

Go from a fair to good credit score with a solid cashback program. Check out how to get your Mercury® Mastercard® card!

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