Personify personal loan review: money in two days!

Discover an opportunity for people with bad credit to build on their credit while enjoying a loan of up to $15,000!


by José Gonçalo

Published on 08/09/2022

Personify personal loan: have up to $15,000 in your account, no matter your credit score

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Full Review of Personify Financial Loans. Source: Personify Financial

In need of cash but have a bad credit score or stained history? In fact, Personify personal loan can be your salvation.

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Personify personal loan: find out how to apply!

Learn how, even with bad credit, getting a loan of up to $15,000 (and having that money within two days of the ordeal in your account!)

Thus, this credit company offers a good amount to people who would probably not be able to get loans anywhere else. So, read the article below and learn about the conditions to be a Personify customer.

APRFrom 19.00% to 199.99% (variable according to the state you live in)
Loan PurposeDebt consolidation, home remodeling, emergency expenses, wedding expenses, and more
Loan AmountsFrom $500.00 to $15,000.00 (variable according to the state you live in)
Credit NeededNot the set minimum score (people with bad credit may be approved)
Origination Fee5% (not charged to Georgia applicants or Carolina applicants after the first loan)
Late FeeNot specified on the official website
Early Payoff PenaltyN/A.

Is the Personify personal loan a good option?

Typically, people with bad credit have a hard time finding a loan that meets basic needs. In fact, one of the possible solutions on the market for those who don’t have such good credit is Personify Financial.

Hence, this credit bureau offers good personal loans for those who have bad credit or blemished history. Also, during the loan period, you can check your credit score for free.

In addition, if approved, the money will be in your account within two days. In most cases, within a few minutes, your request will be answered. Despite the agility, Personify Financial made the process humanized.

So, at certain stages, or if you have questions, you can talk to a real agent. In most states across the country, you can apply for a loan of up to $15,000.

Also, it is possible to pay it in advance without paying fees for it. So, if you don’t have good credit, Personify Financial loans might be an option to consider.

The pros and cons of the Personify personal loan

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Learn about the main advantages and disadvantages of Personify Financial loan. Source: Personify Financial

Before you decide to apply for a loan, take a look at the list below. In fact, here are the main advantages and disadvantages of having this service:


  • An interesting option for people with bad credit;
  • Possibility of pre-qualification without affecting your credit score;
  • Build your credit when you pay your loan.


  • APR rate can be extremely high;
  • It is not available for the entire Amazon territory, only 25 of the 50 US states;
  • 5% origination fee charged in most states;
  • It is not possible to apply for a smartphone app loan.

What credit score do you need to apply?

In effect, there is no minimum credit score. However, bad credit (less than 629) is not an obstacle to getting a loan from this credit bureau.

Personify personal loan application process

In effect, this credit agency created a process that can be done completely remotely.

However, the process was humanized. That way, in a few steps, you can chat with real agents. So, check out our post below and understand more about this process:

Personify Financial logo (Personify personal loan)

Personify personal loan: find out how to apply!

Learn how, even with bad credit, getting a loan of up to $15,000 (and having that money within two days of the ordeal in your account!)

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