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Allegiant Air flights, cheap air travel and full service travel with no surprise fees


In the last 20 years, Allegiant Air has consolidated itself in the American air ticket market as the alternative for those looking for fast, comfortable and cheap travel. With a fleet of more than 100 planes for non-stop domestic travel, it is already the 14th largest company in the sector. Known for its safety, it offers tours at low prices, as well as complete services such as accommodation and car rental. In addition, you can split the value of your tickets to pay for them without compromising your budget.


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Discover the top four perks of the Allegiant Air services!

Company with its own fleet that offers non-stop trips at low prices;
No surprise fees and the possibility of having other services;
It has airlines in more than 125 cities in the country;
Save up to 40% on travel packages.

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Yes, Allegiant Air repeat customers can count on a credit card that earns points in a specific mileage program to be used for travel with that company. This is the Allegiant World Mastercard® credit card. With this one, you earn 3 points for compas on the Allegiant website, 2 points for qualifying lunches and 1 point for every dollar spent on other purchases. This is a Mastercard card offered by Bank of America.

Each passenger is entitled to take one bag with personal items free of charge, as long as it has the following dimensions: 7 x 15 x 16 inches. This should be stored under the seat in front of you on the plane. For an additional fee, you can carry one 9 x 14 x 22 inch bag in the overhead compartment of your seat. In addition, you can pay extra fees to carry up to 4 packages of a maximum of 40 pounds each.

So far, this company only caters for trips to the US city. This airline directly serves more than 125 US cities. Although it does not offer flights to destinations outside the country, this company is used by travelers from the USA to Canada and Mexico, as it is possible to reach cities very close to the borders with these countries through flights of this company. Most likely, in the future, Allegiant Air will offer direct flights to these and other destinations.

Allegiant Air has been in the air transport market for over 25 years and has become popular as a good option for cheap and safe service. On tripadvisor.com, a site that gathers customer reviews of services and companies, this company has been rated by more than 10,000 people. More than half of them rated the services of this company as “excellent” or “very good”. Thus, this company received a 3 “star” rating.

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United Airlines is a direct competitor to Allegiant Air when it comes to low-cost travel. To learn more about this other option, check out how to buy cheap United Airlines flights in our post below!

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