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Save hundreds on your next purchases and shop without worrying about the interest rate!

Cotton On Credit, enjoy 6 months of interest-free period!


It is very simple to prove that Cotton On Credit offers the best advantages of store cards. Initially, this card includes, as a welcome gift, R1,000 in vouchers and 6 months without interest. In addition, you earn a voucher every time you accumulate 50 points, and earn more vouchers every year on your birthday.

Four good reasons to convince you that Cotton On Credit is the best store card in the country!

This is one of the rare credit cards that offers 6 months interest-free;
Earn welcome points, birthday points and more;
Order up to 3 extra cards from friends and family and collect even more reward points;
Access exclusive offers in all stores in the network.

In effect, Cotton On Credit is a store credit card designed not for customers of a single store, but for a network of such stores. Currently, the group of stores that accept this card are Cotton On, Typo, Factorie, Cotton On Kids, and Cotton On Body. All are clothing stores that cater to very specific segments of fashion and style. Currently, it is only possible to use this card in sales units in South Africa.

Cotton On logo

Cotton On Credit: check out how to apply!

Apply to Cotton On Credit to save hundreds of Rands on all your purchases with 6 months at 0% interest rate!

Surely you are a customer of one of the 30,000 stores associated with the Old Khaki Store Card. This means you can get amazing discounts if you have this card.

Learn more about this card in the following post. Also, regret the money you already lost for not applying earlier!

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Old Khaki Store Card: check out how to apply!

Apply to Old Khaki Store Card and stop losing money! Save up to R600 and enjoy benefits and offers that no other card offers!

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