Discover the places in the world you've always dreamed of with up to 40% off!

FNB Premier Credit Card, travel the world while accumulating points in an excellent rewards program


FNB Premier credit card is known for its travel benefits: global travel insurance, 40% discount on travel and free access to the SLOW Lounge are the main ones. However, this card also offers great perks to take advantage of on a daily basis. All your purchases will be converted into points that can be used to buy just about anything! Each month you can accumulate more than R1,500 in points. In addition, you can count on 55 interest-free days.


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Four points to convince you once and for all to apply for your FNB Premier Credit Card!

Discounts of up to 40% on national and international trips;
Rewards programs that give you points so you can buy just about anything;
Count on automatic debt protection;
55 days without interest charges and installment facilities.

You will remain in the same website

The eBucks program allows you to turn all your spending into points. These points can be used to buy airline tickets, travel packages, appliances, utensils, pay for streaming services and much more at stores and partner brands of this program. Below, meet some of these partners: eBucks Travel, eBucks Game, AVIS, Engen, Clicks, Checkers, Shoprite, iStore, Starbucks, GuardMe 2.0, Udemy, hp store, Le creuset and many others.

It is a virtual travel agency created especially to sell airline tickets, travel packages, accommodation and car rental to customers affiliated with the eBucks rewards program. Through this agency, you can buy airline tickets for different routes just with the eBucks points you’ve accumulated. In addition, you can access travel products with up to 40% discount.

This is certainly the first question a customer should ask before agreeing to participate in a rewards program. After all, if accumulated points are likely to expire, you’ll need to strategize how to use them before that happens (sometimes in ways you’re not as interested in). However, eBucks customers can rest assured that their accumulated eBucks points will never expire. That way, you can accumulate them to take the trip of your dreams or buy what you really need.

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FNB Premier Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply to FNB Premier Credit Card and join a rewards program that gives you up to 15% cash back on select transactions! Read on and learn!

In fact, the Standard Bank Titanium Credit Card was able to add advantages in travel and benefits in everyday life.

One of the most incredible of them is, without a doubt, the cashback of R10 for each liter of gasoline supplied. In addition, you can make purchases with 0% interest! To find out how this is possible, see the following post!

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Standard Bank Titanium Credit Card: check out how to apply!

Apply to Standard Bank Titanium Credit Card and enjoy up to 20% off on select brands, including Emirates and! Read on!

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